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Photo Journal of progress on our new house at Nettles Island...
Almost finished!  The scene as of October 28, 2016...  Driveway paved, sod in place, water and electricity on.
(Our old house, #1300 is boarded up to withstand Hurricane Matthew - which it did.)
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We're hoping to start moving in the 3rd week of November - stay tuned...
During my brief visit at the end of October we were able to move our
personal belongings from the storage trailer into the house - although
technically, we're not supposed to do this until we have our official
Certificate of Occupancy.  (We're still waiting for that.)
The cavernous, well shaded, space underneath.
Looking West at our backside.  Deck, stairs and railings completed.
Deck with a view!  Now with fancy powder-coated aluminum railings.
Our back "lawn".  Good Addie walking area.
Kitchen with the lights on.  (Finished except for the pantry door.)
A wave from the front door.  Lobster "welcome buoys" installed.
We've already invited guests for Thanksgiving, hopefully we'll have some furniture by then!
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December 2016 Update...
We received our Certificate of Ocupancy on November 14 - and we moved that afternoon!  Sort of...
Pretty much camped out the first few days as we had minimal furtiture.  Still lots of loose ends!
Here's the (night) scene as of early December!
Merry Christmas from 1299 Nettles!  That's our old house at 1300 Nettles next door with purple lights.