December 2013    -    Back in Florida
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Our first outing of the winter season - lunch at the Dolphin Bar in Jensen Beach.
Sunset across the Indian River Lagoon - as seen from the Grand Canal at Nettles Island.
Christmas Lights and a full moon over our winter residence at Nettles Island.
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We're back in Florida - and the Sno' Dog is back in the water.
After 7 years (and a bit of stress caused by Hinckleys leaving on
a cabin light) our House Batteries finally died.  Dick Tuschick
was able to get us a deal on some new Trojan T-145's which fit
easily into the same space and will raise our capacity to 520 A-H.
(See photo on right.)
Various family members joined us for Thanksgiving and enjoyed
beautiful, warm weather.  Meanwhile, the rest of the country
has been suffering from several bouts of snow and ice storms!
Our new Trojan T-145, 260-AH Batteries
The Nettles Island Christmas Parade - as seen from Sno' Dog.
Sno' Dog in her reconfigured, corner slip at Nettles I Marina.
  (Christmas lights on the boat and in the background.)
On a sunny
Sunday outing
with Nancy's
parents, Belle and
Dean McKusick,
we came across
this fleet of
Optimist dinghies.  
Obviously some
sort of a Regatta,
there were
hundreds of them
out there!  Nettles
Island is in the
Another Sno' Dog issue which soon
became apparent, was the sad condition of
our air conditioning units.  The original
CruisAire units came with (inexplicably)
plain steel condensate trays and drains
located well above the bottom, so water
collected and, over time, caused severe rust.
The sad state of our old aft AC unit.  Hard to believe that
a company like CruisAire (a division of Dometic) would
make something like this and call it a "marine" unit!
Once again, with help from Dick Tuschick
and Rhumb Line Yacht Sales, we were able to
get a good deal, so we decided to replace both
units. The good news is that the new units
came with composite (non-corroding)
condensate trays, the bad news is that they
have changed the design just enough to make
replacement of the old units a bit of challenge!
This is the new aft unit.  I had to move the unit forward a
bit and create a new duct to make this unit fit.  (In the
background you can see our little "bus heater" which
supplies warm air to the salon from the engine coolant.)
I'm happy to report that this new unit (with sound-
deadening foam) is much quieter than the old unit
The new AC unit installed in the salon.  (It took me about
8 hours to complete the job!)  On a suggestion from Dick,
I added some sound-deadening foam in the compartment.
Pretty exciting stuff, eh?
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