December 2013   -   Road trip to New Orleans
Crossing Pensacola Bay - on our way to New Orleans.
Highway to Heaven ???
Impulsively, we decided to head for New Orleans
for the
Christmas holidays.  We could have gone by
boat, but we decided a road trip would be faster and
more efficient.  Although the
Sno' Dog gets an
impressive 3 mpg, our trusty 12-year-old (1.8L
turbo, 5-spd) Volkswagen Passat gets about 30 mpg.
Dusk along the Suwannee River in the town of Fanning Springs.
Our 2001 Passat wagon near the Capitol Building in Tallahassee.
The Post Office in the cute little town of Seaside, FL - where
The Truman Show movie (with Jim Carey) was filmed.
Seaside really is on the seaside.  Perhaps it should be Gulfside ?
Waiting for our ship to come in!
A Nissan Leaf takes on electrons from a charging station in Seaside.
Just for fun, we decided to take the ferry across Mobile
Bay.  It did save some distance - but not much time.
Gas was surprisingly CHEAP in Alabama!
The 25-car ferry which crosses from Ft Morgan to Dauphin Island, AL.
Seagulls following the ferry.  Nancy in the car.
No trip to New Orleans is complete without a visit to a cemetery.
When we left Jensen Beach it was 84º.  When we
arrived in New Orleans it was 44º!  We kinda forgot
about winter "up north".  Fortunately we did bring
jackets, but hats and gloves might have been nice.
Our Hotel Saint Pierre on Burgundy St - very historic, a bit funky and not very good heat!
Rue Saint Pierre used to be
Calle de San Pedro
.  Most of
the streets here had Spanish
names before they were
changed to French - after
Napoleon conquered Spain.
Some Christmas decorations here were quite original.
Click on photos to view larger image...
Check out the license plate - very appropriate!
The valet parking entrance to the Hotel Monteleone on Royal St.
(Rooms here were $250/nt - we stayed 3 nights for $225.)
You could buy a T-shirt here with most anything on it!
I'm sure quite a few people were thanking the
Lord for this enterprising establishment.
Not too many takers today for the carriage rides near Jackson Square.
The guard dog (and his companion) at a needlepoint store
- taking a break.
The line in front of the Café du Monde.  Apparently this place is
an absolute must for every New Orleans tourist!
Waiting for our Café au lait and beignets at the Café du Monde.
       Nancy (in purple) at the center of the crowd.
Lunch (actually a 4-course Reveillion Dinner) at Galvez
Restaurant with a view of the mighty Mississippi.
On the top deck of the steam-powered stern-wheeler Natchez a
woman treats passersby to a calliope concert.  (
Click to listen.)
The engine room on the Natchez was open for viewing.
Explanation of the 1925, two-stage, single cylinder
engines aboard the Natchez.
A colorful liquor store window on Canal Street - notice the beer logos.  Sort of a 21st-century stained glass window!
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Online, we found this cute little hotel in the Vieux Carré
(French Quarter) for a mere $69/nt - incl breakfast!
Not yet legal in New Orleans, but the paraphernalia certainly is!
The happy (and warmly dressed) couple - ready to board.
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