February 2013   -   Page 2   -   Florida Loop Cruise, con'd.
Homestead Bayfront Park, home of the "Herbert Hoover Marina at Bayfront Park" - an undiscovered oasis!
Feb 6 - 10:45 AM - Dep Plantation Ycht Hrbr
        3:00 PM - Arr:
Homestead, FL
"Herbert Hoover Marina at Homestead Bayfront Park"
A pretty, peaceful spot - and only $44/nt incl elect.
                  Today: 35.5 n mi  -  4.2 hrs
Crossing Biscayne Bay in six feet of water en-route to Homestead.
Sno' Dog at the Homestead Bayfront Park Marina.
Another beautiful day on Biscayne Bay - from Homestead to Miami.
Feb 7 - 10:30 AM - Dep Homestead Bayfront Park
          12:30 PM - Psg downtown Miami
            1:00 PM - Arr:
Miami Beach - Marina
                 A bit pricey, but a fun place to visit.
                  Dinner at
Texas de Brazil Churascaria
                               Today: 22.7 n mi  -  2.5 hrs
Had to disturb this guy to get our line off  before
    we could leave the Homestead Marina!
Arriving in Miami...   Still Nancy weather!
Sign (on container boxes) along Goverment Cut in Miami.
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Miami Beach Marina.  Texas de Brazil Churascaria in back.
Fancy cars along Ocean Drive in Miami Beach.
(Blue car is $200K+ Rolls Royce convertible.)
A pretty allée along the shoreline of the Miami Beach Marina.
Not Permitted...  "Excessive, Unreasonable,
Unusual and Unnecessary Noise"!  So there!
North Miami Beach, looking north from Baker's Haulover Inlet - about 10 miles north of Miami's Government Cut.
Feb 8 - 11:00 AM - Dep Miami Beach - out into the Atlantic
         11:45 AM - enter Baker's Haulover Inlet (to ICW)
           1:15 PM - Arr:
Dania Beach - Muni Marina (18' br)
                           modest, inexpensive - on the beach!
                                    Today: 17.6 n mi  -  2.4 hrs
Nancy on Dania Beach at dusk.  Quarterdeck
Restaurant and Fishing Pier in background.
(Streaks are planes flying overhead.)
The Quarterdeck Restaurant in Dania Beach.
Feb 9 - 10:30 AM - Dep Dania Beach Marina - wind N 10
         11:00 AM - psg Ft Lauderdale - many cruise ships
           1:00 PM - psg Hillsboro Inlet (on ICW)
           4:45 PM - Arr:
W. Palm Beach - Waterfront Park
                                  Today: 35.0  -  6.5 eng hrs
Very large houseboat coming through the Hallandale Beach Bridge.
     (Mouse-over for close-up of this oversized houseboat.)
The 18-ft fixed bridge in and out of the Dania Beach Marina.
Speaking of planes flying overhead, this guy came out of FLL
as we passed by the end of the runway.  He's still got his flaps
down and you can see the vapor trails off his wings.  Cool!
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