February 2013   -   Page 3   -   End of our Florida Loop Cruise
Docked at the Waterfront Commons Park in West Palm Beach - free dockage, but (supposedly) not overnight.
Feb 9 - 10:30 AM - Dep Dania Beach Marina - wind N 10
       11:00 AM - psg Ft Lauderdale - many cruise ships
         1:00 PM - psg Hillsboro Inlet (on ICW)
         4:45 PM - Arr:
W. Palm Beach - Waterfront Park
                               Today: 35.0 n mi  -  6.5 eng hrs
Feb 10 - 11:00 AM - Dep W. Palm Beach - wind E 15
         12:30 PM - psg Jupiter Inlet
           2:45 PM - Arr:
Jensen Beach - Home Base
                              Today: 35.1  -  3.9 eng hrs
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.   The Start of our Florida Loop Cruise
Another great Sno' Dog mini-cruise!  (Nancy says she
thinks a two-week trip is the perfect length.) Certainly
the Florida Loop is a very pleasant, low-stress trip which
can be done easily in a couple weeks in a fast cruiser.
       The 1040-ft Celebrity Eclipse in Ft Lauderdale.  
Over 90 Veranda staterooms - and that's just across the stern!
The 240-ft Balèaria Bahamas Express high-speed ferry.  Fort
Lauderdale to Freeport in 3 hours - but not with 10-ft seas!
Nice little Fort Lauderdale waterfront home with yacht - $49 million for both!
Skimpy-bottomed Ft. Lauderdale
To me, some of these Fort Lauderdale boats look like overgrown Sea Rays.  Who would want an 80-footer that looked like this?
"Of Coors Knot" and "Lady Go Diver" - some more good names to add to my list of Funny Boat Names.
Docked at the Palm Beach City Marina, the 203-ft "Lady Kathryn V".
The Black Diamond, an ugly powercat!  No outside decks on
this sucker.  I gather the idea is to stay inside and GAMBLE!
(Docked in front of the Customs Bldg in Riviera Beach.)
Along the ICW in Riviera Beach, a floating house!  
A good day for sailing as we
headed north into the Indian
River Lagoon and back to our
home base at Nettles Island.
Kite surfers in Jensen Beach, Hutchinson I. in the background.
Approaching Nettles Island Marina, our winter home base.  Our shallow draft allows us to head straight in here from the
Jensen Beach causeway bridge.  Deeper draft boats must follow the marked channel from the ICW - about a mile further.
This guy was waiting for us on one of our tie-up
  pilings at the Nettles Island Marina.
In 15 days (11 cruising days), we covered 450 nautical
in about 48 hours of cruising time. (Ave speed:
9.4 kts, or 11 mph.)  We put 175 gallons into our tanks,
but we have a bit more now than when we started.  Still,
that works out to 3.6 gal/hr or about 2.6 n mi per gal.
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Dania Beach to Jensen Beach
Kids and granchildren arriving (for a week) this Saturday.
02/24/2013 Update...
Daughter Charlotte with husband Jerome and kids
Lucy (6) & Georgia (5) - from Blue Hill, Maine - just left
after a fun week-long visit here in Florida.
For Charlotte's 38th birthday, Nancy made a flour-less chocolate
cake. The candles were a bit close together and the flame started
to "go critical" before Charlotte blew it out.  Watching with
wide eyes is Georgia who recently celebrated her 5th birthday.
A Sno' Dog outing with the girls...  We went down to Peck
Lake and hung out on the beach - it was a perfect day!
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.     Hanging Out in Jensen Beach, FL