January 2013   -   Page 1      -     North Florida Cruise
Saint Augustine
Docked at the Municipal Marina in the brightly-lit, but COLD, town of Saint Augustine.
With the thought that we would likely be cruising south later this winter,
we decided to take a short cruise North.  Had we checked the forecast a
bit more closely, we might have noticed that a cold spell was on its way!
Friday, January 04, 2013 -
12 noon - Dep
Nettles Island Marina, 78°
5:00 PM - Arr:
Melbourne, FL
49.7 n mi - Exc dinner at Island Pasta Co.
Jan 05 - 9:30 AM - Dep. Melbourne Harbor Marina
.           12:10 PM - Passing Titusville, good NASA view
         3:00 PM - Arr:
New Smyrna Beach
                              59.0 n mi - temp 62°
With the clear, cool air we got an amazingly good
view of the giant NASA Vehicle Assembly Bldg  some
10 miles east of the ICW as we passed Titusville.
I love this little dessert island in the Indian River just north of Titusville.
Sunday, Jan 06 -
    10:00 AM - Dep New Smyrna Beach
    11:30 AM - Passing Daytona Bch
      3:15 PM - Arr:
St Augustine - 54° !!!
Tucked into a 17-ft wide slip at the New Smyrna Bch Muni Marina.
Mon, Jan 07 -
Wind NE 15-20 kts, temp 48°
Decided to abandon plans to head further North.
.     11:15 AM - Dep St Augustine Muni Dock
.     11:45 AM - Arr River's Edge Marina (on the
.      San Sebastian River) behind St Augustine.
Still some Christmas lights at New Smyrna Beach Marina.
The Confederate flag still flies in Daytona Beach!
The Barrier Island B&B.  Looks a bit modest, but the fish is big!
The newly renovated Bridge of Lions lights the horizon at the Saint Augustine Municipal Marina.
         (Unlike our pevious fall and spring visits, the place was deserted, as you can see.)
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Docked at the River's Edge Marina on the San Sebastian River.
Welcome to Saint Augustine - founded in 1565!
We liked the Rivers Edge Marina.  It's near the navigable end
of the San Sebastian River which flows behind St. Augustine.
From here, it's a short walk to US Rte 1 and a good supermarket
and pharmacy - and only a 10-min walk to downtown.  The price
is right, too - $20/night less than the Municipal Marina.
Filled Fuel tank - 67 gal (at a mere 3.90/gal)
Tue, Jan 8 -
11:45 AM - Dep River's Edge Marina, headed S.
. 2:15 PM - Arr: Marineland, FL - town marina
.                14.6 n mi - pleasant, low-speed trip
Pleasant cruising and pretty clouds on the ICW south of St. Augustine.
A fun stilt-house just north of the Matanzas Inlet.
Nancy being glad we're on the ICW - not on the ocean!  At Marineland.
A friendly marina - and the price was right!
I have fond memories of Marineland.  My
parents brought us here in 1955 - when I was 12!
It was the first marine theme park in the USA.
The dolphin shows have been discontinued, it's
now a research center. The new Marina manager
is also the owner of
Ripple Effect which rents
kayaks and gives ecological tours on their
grease-powered diesel tour boat.  We took the
tour through the marshlands and out the
Matanzas Inlet which is normally un-navigable.
Wed, Jan 9 -
           12 noon - Dep Marineland
.               1:30 PM - tight squeze thru Knox Br.
.               2:30 PM - psg. Daytona Beach
.               4:00 PM - Arr: New Smyrna Beach
                  40.2 n mi - dinner @ Jason's Rest.
The Knox Bridge (near Palm Coast) is the only bridge between
Jensen Beach and St. Augustine that must open for
Sno' Dog.
But today, it was stuck open while a crew worked to repair it,
which left a very narrow opening for us to squeeze through.
For some excitement, we left the ICW and detoured out to
the Ponce de Leon Inlet passing this distintive lighthouse.
Thur, Jan 10 -
10:45 AM - Dep New Smyrna Bch City Marina
12:45 PM - enter Haulover Canal
  2:30 PM - dep ICW, enter Canaveral Barge Canal
  4:00 PM - Arr:
Merritt Island, Mamczur Dock
                   50.0 n mi - dinner w. Tom & Ninette
"Dead boats" on the Mosquito Lagoon south of New Smyrna.
Interesting clouds...  Click on the photo and look for the hidden cat!
Arriving at the Mamczur spread on Merritt Island.
(Click on the photo to see Tom in his yellow shirt.)
Tom Mamczur created a perfect PDQ-sized slip next
to his
Katatomic boat-lift.  (Tom & Ninette on the
dock, Nancy aboard
Sno' Dog.)
An impressive view from the Mamczur living room.  (Mouse-over to
see Tom's photo which magically appeared on their 60-in TV screen.)
Sunrise over the Banana River - from the Mamczur dock on Merritt Island.
Dragon Point at the tip of Merritt Island,  Not much left of the iconic green dragon, and the house seems to
                                                have fallen onto hard times as well.  Very sad...
Friday, Jan 11, 2013
10:30 AM - Dep Mamczur
11:30 AM - Dragon Pt.
12 noon - Melbourne
2:00 PM - Vero Beach
3:00 PM - Ft Pierce
4:00 PM - Arr: Nettles I.
Jensen Beach
          63.2 n mi
Good Trip, despite some
chilly north winds.  All
systems worked perfectly.
(Except for the generator
which remains at Stuart
Yacht Harbour awaiting
repair. See note below.)
Total milage: 336 n mi
.                  34 eng hrs
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Generator Note: When we picked up Sno' Dog at the
River Forest Yachting Center this fall, they had put the
boat back into the water before our arrival, and they'd
attempted to start the engines and generator.  When we
arrived, they told us the engines were fine, but the
generator would not start.
When I looked into it, I found the generator totally
frozen up - with water in the block!  Since I know the
unit was fine when we left the boat last spring, I
assume the only way water could have gotten into the
cylinders would be from "over-cranking" - there's a
warning about this right on the start panel.
We took the boat to Stuart Yacht Harbour where they
removed the generator and are in the process of making
the necessary repairs.  Time will tell if River Forest will
assume any responsibility for this unfortunate situation.
This is what the Dragon Point dragon used to look like -
                         about 20 years ago!
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