Aboard the AMAROK
June 2013  -   Page 1
The beautiful Burgundian countryside - as seen from the town of Buffon about 4 mi NW of Montbard.
The wind was making waves which swept across the fields of grain - you really needed a video to do justice to this scene.
Sun 02 June - 10:00 AM - dep Montbard
- in the SUN!
     12 noon - Arr:  Buffon, bank tie-up
     Today: 4.1 mi - 2.0 hrs - 5 locks
Walked into hillside town, rode bikes
to Buffon Iron Forge, v.impressive!
Dinner at
Le Marronnier Restaurant, Exc!
An idyllic tie-up in Buffon on the Canal de Bourgogne.
La Grande Forge de M. Buffon.
At the Buffon Grande Forge, a partially restored 18-century iron works.
A group of senior bikers out for a Sunday ride.
Mon 3 June - Another bright sunny day!
         10:00 AM - Dep Buffon
   12 noon - lunch stop in
          2:15 PM - Arr: Ravières, PdP w. elect
              Today: 9.0 mi - 3.2 hrs - 7 locks
A friendly lock dog, looking for a hand-out, no doubt.
(We do have a bag of doggie biscuits on board.)
They do like their roosters here.  On left, on top of a church,
                     on right, a war memorial!
A shaded section of the canal - pretty, especially in the sun!
A 1949 Citroën.  Way ahead of its time, with front-wheel-
drive and a flat floor and it was much lower than others.
An evening walk (still light at 9:30 PM) in Ravières, our boats in the background.
We loved this very impressive French house in Ravières.
The electricity was free in Ravières,
but this what you got!  There are
actually five cords plugged in here!
I've never figured out how these beautiful flowers
can grow right out of a wall.  There doesn't appear
to be any connection to the ground.
Tue 04 June - Got fresh bread - of course!
                  Nancy went to open-air market
                 12:45 AM - Dep
Ravières - sunny, 70°F
                   3:15 PM - Arr:
Ancy-le-Franc, PdP
                        Today: 5.7 mi - 2.5 hrs - 5 locks
                Had to move when a Hotel Barge arrived
Our New Zealand friends on Ariana heading out of Ravières.
With the sun shining, the color of these colza fields is quite amazing.
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.   Canal de Bourgogne - Tonnerre to Migennes
Some animals blending into into their
natural habitat.  Can you find them?
I sent the frog pic to my Naturalist
daughter.  But what I didn't tell her was
that on the very evening I took this
photo, I had
Cuisses de Grenouiiles
(Frog Legs) for dinner! They were
surprisingly good.  Of course it's all the
butter and garlic and herbs that you
taste - a bit like
escargots. Nancy
agreed, they were pretty darned good!
Wed 05 June - Got fresh bread - sunny, 72°F
                     10:15 AM - Dep
           Put on shorts, first time this year in France!
                      2:15 PM - Arr:
Lézinnes, Halte (no svcs)
                              Today: 6.6 mi - 3.8 hrs - 4 locks
             Had to move (again!) when a Hotel Barge arrived
With the cherries she bought at
the market in Ravières, Nancy
baked a
Cherry Clafoutis!
Our tie-up (raft-up) in Ancy-le-Franc after we moved to accommodate
the very large hotel barge (partially hidden behind the trees).
I couldn't resist touching up this
Welcome to Ancy-le-Franc sign a bit!
Henry wearing shorts!  First time this year in France!
Thur 06 June - Got fresh bread - sunny, 74°F
                  10:15 AM - Dep
                    1:30 PM - Arr: Tanlay, PdP
            docked next to sister-ship
               Today: 6.8 mi - 2.6 hrs - 5 locks
        Visited the
Château de Tanlay, interesting!
Fri 07 June - Nancy got fresh bread - sunny, 75°F
                 10:15 AM - Dep
                   1:45 PM - Arr: Tonnerre, PdP
                      Today: 5.6 mi - 2.7 hrs - 6 locks
Here is the actual Château de Tanlay.  Behind those spikey towers is a bridge over
the moat.  This Château has been in the same family since the 16th century and
is still occupied by decendents of the original builders.  Pretty unusual in France.
Although the outside was rather plain, the inside
was incredibly ornate.  In this Reception Hall are
trompe l'oeil paintings made to look like plaster
relief  statuary.
When we walked into Tanlay and saw this
building, we assumed it was the
Château de
but it was only the Gate House!
Click on these photos to see more detail.
Colorful and risqué fresco on the ceiling of this domed room.  
Many figures depict real people of the time, but apparently if
they were depicted as Gods and Goddesses it was OK to paint
them in the nude.  The story line has to do with the Catholics
against Protestants, the Château owners were avid Protestants.
Docked in Tanlay next to Piper sister ship Siyabunga.
Montbard to Tonnerre