Aboard the AMAROK
June 2013 - Page 2
Entering Bumper-Boat territory!  Leaving Tonnerre we encountered this fleet of Locaboats.
Sun 09 June - Crèpes on board by Nancy
                 Another walk around town...
                1:30 PM - Dep
Tonnerre, PdP
                4:00 PM - Arr:
Flogny-la-Chapelle, no svcs
                              Today: 8.5 mi - 2.5 hrs - 4 locks
Mon 10 June - Got bread. Cldy, 62°F
                   10:30 AM - Dep Flogny-la Chapelle
                     2:30 PM - Arr:
Saint Florentin, PdP
                                         H2O & elect, no chg
                      Today: 8.0 mi - 2.9 hrs - 8 locks
                   Dinner at Portugese Rest, pretty good
Tue 11 June - Stayed in St. Florentin
                  Lunch at Batman Pizzeria - Exc!
The chapel (presumably?) in downtown Flogny-la-Chapelle.
Moored in St. Florentin Port de Plaisance.  The Amarok appears to glow in the evening light, photo taken at 9:15 PM!
Another in my series of telescopic shots of wild animals
in their habitats - on the bank in Flogny-la-Chapelle.
Lots of hills considering there's a canal through here.  
These are the steps leading up into Saint Florentin..
I had to climb up on a wall to capture this pretty house and garden in Saint Florentin.
Nancy at the bottom of another staircase in
St. Florentin.  Notice the store across the
street: "Chapellerie - Parapluies".
I wonder how long it's been since a store
could survive selling only hats & umbrellas?
A colorful house in Saint Florentin.
The Eglise de Saint Nicolas in St Florentin had
beautiful, 500-year-old stained glass windows.  
Below each window was an explanation of each
pane; most windows told a full story.  The color
of these windows after all those years was
A gargoyle in Place Dilo in Saint Florentin, Saint
Church in the background.
Nancy making a broccoli quiche.  In the background you
can see the new galley curtains she sewed.  Clever girl!
Église Saint Nicolas in St Florentin, some fancy statuary!
Our trusty Nűvi shows us cruising at 5.3 mph along the
Canal de Bourgogne which runs more or less parallel to
the winding River
Armançon along this stretch.
Wed 12 June - light mist, 64°F - H got bread
               1:30 PM - Dep Saint Florentin
                3:30 PM - Arr:
                     Today: 6.3 mi - 2.3 hrs - 4 locks
Thur 13 June - Overcast, 66°F - N got bread
             10:45 AM - Dep Brienon s/ Armançon
             12:10 PM - stopped at Migennes Marché
               1:30 PM - Arr:
Migennes, PdP
                   Le fin du Canal de Bourgogne!
                       Steady RAIN & 55°F this PM
                        Today: 5.6 mi - 1.6 hrs - 2 locks
This cute little donkey was plodding along the tow-path on its
own - about 50 feet behind a woman with a small back-pack.
It looks as though our boat is parked in the parking lot here
in Migennes.  The open-air market was just across the street.
The Port de Plaisance de Migennes.  In the foreground the first (or last) lock of the Canal de Bourgogne, then a sizable Le Boat base,
     and in the distance the private boats - including
Amarok.  The Canal continues at the extreme right of the photo.
A swan family - the Port de Plaisance de Migennes in the background.
A very tall spire with a rooster on
the top - in Migennes.
Tied up in Migennes just across this flowered passerelle from the Laroche-Migennes
train station.  This would be a convenient place to meet someone arriving by train.
Fri 14 June - Stayed in Migennes
 Bought a 2-m charnière à piano (piano hinge)
       and brought it home (2km) by bike.
Marked up companionway hatch and took it
(by bike) to Evans Boatyard for modification.
Sat 15 June - Stayed in Migennes
Big Fête d'Eau here tonight, music & fireworks!
We were very close to the Feux d'Artifice,
Nancy thought a bit too close!
(That black line across the bottom of the
photo is our stern rail.)
Before the fireworks, came
the "Torch Swimmers".  
These were people in
wet-suits and fins
swimming along with with
torches in front of them.
They looked like fireflies
coming down the canal and
it took us a while to figure
out how they were doing it!.
We were right in the middle of the action when the Fête du Port got underway.
Sun 16 June - after a few maintenance chores...
              1:00 PM - Dep
Migennes PdP
              1:30 PM - out of Lock, into R. Yonne
              1:45 PM - Arr:
Laroche St-Cydroine
                          Today: 0.9 mi - 0.8 hr - 1 lock
                                (our shortest day!)
We have now completed the Canal de Bourgogne!
   Attempted to ride bikes to Joigny, but failed.
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