Docked on the River Yonne in Laroche St-Cydroine just below Migennes - a pleasant change from canal cruising.
Aboard the AMAROK
June 2013 - Page 3
Sun 16 June - after a few maintenance chores...
      1:00 PM - Dep
Migennes PdP
      1:30 PM - out of Lock, into River Yonne
      1:45 PM - Arr: Laroche St-Cydroine
                     Today: 0.9 mi - 0.8 hr - 1 lock
                               (our shortest day!)
We have now completed the Canal de Bourgogne!
Attempted to ride bikes to Joigny, but failed.  See photos...
We set off on a bike ride toward Joigny on a lovely little
road through fields parallelling the River Yonne.
But our bike path gradually deteriorated into a muddy 2-track.
Pretty soon, Nancy was pushing her bike through
waist-high grass.  After half an hour of this, and a fall
into a large mud puddle we abandoned the trip.  
Fortunately, we were able to ride back on paved roads.
These geese appear to be headed in the right direction!
Headed upstream on the Yonne, a nice change from the canals.
Our flowers are looking quite healthy here.  Unfortunately, that
evening, a huge hailstorm took a bit of a toll on the poor things!
Mon 17 June - found bread at local store, sunny 75°F
      11:30 AM - Dep
Laroche St-Cydroine
      11:45 AM - Arr: Evans Marine, Migennes
            (stopped here to pick up modified hatch)
      3:00 PM - Dep Evans (w new hatch installed)
      5:30 PM - Arr:
Gurgy, pretty bank tie-up
                     Today: 8.8 mi - 3.1 hrs - 4 locks
         Huge thunderstorm with HAIL after dinner
We went through a couple locks with this strange contraption.
It was headed for Auxerre as a tourist attraction.  It looked
like a fake submarine (in a barge) to me.
Some of the locks on the Yonne had sloped walls.  But
these floating docks made it easy to lock through.
Our pretty tie-up (next to barge Koopmansvelvaren) in the town of Gurgy.
Tue 18 June - Got bread. Water muddy after storm.
    10:30 AM - Dep
Gurgy, many downed trees
    11:30 AM - Lock #4 - no power, req'd.
                      tedious hand operation, 2 hrs
      4:15 PM - Arr:
Auxerre, PdP (very full)
Filled diesel tank: 257 liters
              Rafted alongside Euroclassic "Xanadu"
                     Today: 7.0 mi - 2.6 hrs - 5 locks
End of the Line for us!
          (See bottom of page for Trip Summary)
19, 20, 21 June - Stayed in Auxerre and cleaned up.
Refinished area around new folding hatch. Filled
water tank, defrosted fridge, recharged cell phone &
Domino WiFi gadget, etc, etc. Nancy went
to Friday Market, got food for dinner.  We had
partners Dick & Carol Tuschick and their friends,
Bill & Laureen Parlatore aboard for dinner.
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We celebrated our arrival in Auxerre with a night out
on the town.  We shared an
entrée of escargots.
. All in all, a pretty fun trip.  We
. were aboard the AMAROK for 44
. days, but we only travelled on 23 days.
Large numbers of downed trees after last night's wild storm.
Linemen working on the fallen lines at Lock #4.  
We waited about two hours to get through this lock.
Docked in the crowded Port de Plaisance of Auxerre, a pretty place.
Friday evening dinner aboard for six.  Dick & Carol
and Laurene Parlatore in this photo.
Same view of Auxerre as above.  Even prettier at night!  (11:00 PM)
Sat 22 June - Debriefing & Lunch with partners
      2:00 PM - Dep
Auxerre by car
      3:30 PM - Arr:
      6:30 PM - Arr: Dijon RR Stn, rental car rtn.
      9:30 PM - Dep: Dijon via
Thello Train to Italy
This is the view from the bastide of Châteauneuf-en-Auxois where we stopped on our road trip from Auxerre to Dijon.
We passed by here earlier on the
Canal de Bourgogne (visible in the center of this picture) but it was too rainy to visit.
At the left, you can see the St. Sabine Lock, Châteauneuf is a 2-km bike ride (up a steep hill) from there.
On the right, is the town of Vandenesse; the Canal continues around in an "S" curve and into the tunnel leading to
Pouilly-en-Auxois which is just out of the photo to the right.  This is the high point of the Canal de Bourgogne, and a
beautiful spot!
A Cat & Moon weathervane in Châteauneuf.
Bœuf Bourguignon in Dijon while
waiting for our 9:30
Thello train to Italy.
Our compartment aboard the Thello
train to Florence.  Very compact!
(My bunk was up that ladder.)
. Since leaving St-Jean-de-Losne on the 18th of
. May, we covered 275 km (172 mi) and we went
. through 198 locks! (On the Canal de Bourgogne:
. 75 up + 114 down; on the River Yonne, 9 up.)  
. Our engine time was 74.4 hours, making our
. average speed a liesurely 3.7 km/hr (2.3 mph).
We used a total of 257
(68 US gallons) of
fuel.  Our average
consumption was
or a mere 0.9
- and that includes
the generator and a fair
amount furnace operation
- it was chilly those first
few weeks!
. The section of the Canal de Bourgogne from
. Dijon up to the summit at Pouilly-en-Auxois was
. particularly gorgeous.  Unfortunately, we had rain
. during much of this section.  We encountered
. almost no traffic in this area, in fact, we didn't see
. very many boats, particularly charter boats until we got
. down to Montbard.  It was fun to go back in good
. weather and visit the town of Châteauneuf-en-Auxois
. with its spectacular view of the valley and the Canal.
Migennes to Auxerre
Some comments about H2O...
Several boaters warned us that
H2O in St-Jean-de-Losne was
not the best place to have boat
work done.  Blanquarts, next
door, was the better choice.
However, because we needed a
haulout (for bottom painting),
H2O had the only facility in the
area to handle our 29-ton barge.
The work they did for us was OK, but their charges
(and quotes) seemed very high - and they kept adding
small charges through the winter for "cleaning leaves
out of the scuppers" and other random stuff that we
did not ask for.  Our biggest complaint was that they
failed to winterize our generator which caused a
freeze-up and an expensive repair.  They refused to
absorb the repair costs claiming that we had not
checked the "Winterize Generator" box on the
worksheet.  Turns out, there was no such box on their
form.  Not a happy ending.  We will not be going back!
. If we'd had a bit more time, and better weather, we would
. also have checked out the town of Flavigny-sur-Ozerain
. where the movie "Chocolat" was filmed.
. As noted above, on June 22 we turned over the AMAROK
. to partners Dick & Carol Tuschick.  They plan to head
. south along the Canal du Nivernais and on to the Canal
. Latéral à la Loire.  Like us, they maintain an active blog,
. so you should be able to follow the continuing adventures
. of the AMAROK at: http://campcarolcapers.blogspot.com
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