March 2013   -   Page 1   -    Hanging out around Jensen Beach, FL
. to Florida my brother Kit & his wife, Noele - as well as their
. daughter "Pip", partner Tanna and their kids Ziggy & Piper.
. Naturally, we all headed out for a Sno' Dog expedition.
Ziggy, who celebrated his 4th birthday while in FL.
Kit checking out the dinghy.  Amazing how
well that little 20-year-old motor runs!
A leisurely 1-hour cruise south on the ICW from
Nettles Island brings us to "Peck Lake".  Here, you can
dinghy ashore and walk about 100 yards to a beautiful,
uncrowded ocean beach - accessible only by boat.
Kit, Pip, Ziggy (at the helm) and "Princess" Piper.
Henry with Ziggy at the helm.
Piper at the helm with Pip; Ziggy & Kit in the background.
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Besides seabirds, the beginning of March brought
March 16, 2013 - Took the Sno' Dog (from Nettles Island)
over to
Stuart Yacht to have the generator reinstalled.  (It has
been out since last December.)  Brother Kit and his wife,
Noele came along for the ride.  We stopped for lunch stop at
Sunset Bay Marina which has an ample courtesy dock
for folks wishing to eat at the
Sailor's Return Restaurant.
Brother Kit took these photos (with his i-phone)...
Heading through the railroad bridge and the old
     Roosevelt Bridge en-route to Stuart.
At the courtesy dock at the Sunset Bay Marina in Stuart,
      Sailor's Return Restaurant in the background.
A jellyfish in the St. Lucie River.
Heading through the ox-bow cut-off on the South Fork of the Saint Lucie River
en-route to Stuart Yacht Harbour.  (I always squeeze through this little  short-cut.)
March 25th - Another Sno' dog outing...
With Kit's daughter and kids, we headed over to a little
island near the St. Lucie Crossroads to do some exploring..
In the photo to the left you can see me
(if you look closely) aboard the
Sno' Dog
taking the photo which appears below.  At
the left is the photo that brother Kit (in the
red shirt) took looking the other way.  
Cute, eh?
Kit's daughter's kids pullling the dinghy into the beach.
Brother Kit taking the photo which appears above to the left.
.          Look what I found!  A live conch.
(Mouse-over to see Natasha checking it out.)
Arriving back at Nettles Island Marina with sentries on the bow.
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