May 2013  -  Page 2
Aboard the AMAROK
Le Port de Plaisance de Dijon
AMAROK moored in Dijon on the Canal de Bougogne - 29 km from our starting point in St-Jean-de-Losne.
Mon 20 May - Lundi de Pentecôte, 48°F and rainy.
             Took tram to
Toison d'Or mall, bought
HDMI adapter for Mac (so we can play our DVD's on
this European TV - US DVD's are blocked!) Dinner on
board with Aussies Brent & Pam of
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.         Saint-Jean-de-Losne to Dijon
Tue 21 May - High temp today 49°F with drizzle.
          Walked downtown, took the
Owl walk.
             Pretty town, even in the rain.
Besides mustard, Dijon is known for its gingerbread!
These electric trams ran right from the Dijon Port de Plaisance
into downtown - and then out to the
Toison d'Or Centre Commercial.
This Dijon mustard shop was founded in 1747!  
You can see by Nancy's outfit that it's cold here!
Wed 22 May - Cool (48°F) & windy, but at least, no rain
          10:30 AM - Dep
Dijon, but had to wait for lock
           until 1:30 PM. - Canal becoming more scenic...
           4:30 PM - Arr:
Velars-sur-Ouche, wall tie-up
                  Today: 7.7 mi  -  3.3 eng hrs  -  9 locks
If it were a bit warmer, this might be an ideal spot to hang out!
(We're actually waiting for a lock just north of Dijon.)
A pretty barge passing on the Canal de Bourgogne.
Notice the smoke coming from their chimney!
The Canal de Bourgogne follows the Ouche river here.  Right
now, it is very swollen from all the rain we've had lately.
A topiary duck (sort of) in Velars-sur-Ouche.  Already quite
mountainous here, you can see train arches in background.
Thur 23 May - Cold (42°F) cloudy, 80% chance of rain
        9:30 AM - Dep
       10:30 AM - stopped at Lock 42 because of rain
        1:140 PM. - Re-start from Fleury-sur-Ouche
          4:30 PM - Arr:
Gissey-sur-Ouche, wall tie-up
                  Today: 10.3 mi  -  4.5 eng hrs  -  13 locks
Nancy has managed to keep fresh flowers on the table by
picking them along the way.  We got close enough to those
yellow flowers (see background) to add a few to our vase.
For much of the day the view looked like this - rainy and gray!
You can see our flower boxes are struggling, too much water!
Hotel barge Fleur de Lys, one of the few boats we passed today.
Nancy trying to stay warm while handling the lines.
The water level was so high there was often a waterfall in the lock.
Here's the forecast for the next few days...  Highs in the low 50's,
lows in the 30's to low 40's - colder than Maine!  At least by
Saturday the probability of precipitation drops below 50%
The Canal de Bourgogne is becoming increasing pretty
as we head up into the mountains. Perhaps because of
the weather, there's nobody here!  We have seen an
average of one boat per day.  Generally, a lock-keeper
follows us along.  When we stop for the night, he asks
us when we would like to start again in the morning.  
Certainly a different experience from the
Canal du Midi!
Except for the cold, and sometimes rainy weather, the
trip is going well.  The scenery is gorgeous!
The locks are all manual. I generally hop ashore and help
the lock-keeper with the locks.
Fri 24 May - Another cold & rainy day, see photo below
             9:30 AM - Dep
            11:30 AM - La Bussière - lunch stop, bakery!
              4:15 PM - Arr:
Pont d'Ouche, PdP
                      Today: 9.1 mi  -  4.4 hrs  -  13 locks
Click on photos to view larger image...
The scene this morning in Gissey-sur-Ouche, another rainy day.
If you look closely (or click on the photo) you'll see a heron
standing on the canal bank.
Even on a gloomy day, these bright yellow fields of colza are a
sight to behold.  Our yellow boat fits right in here!
Friendly lock dogs - hoping for a hand-out, no doubt.
How many people does it take to open a lock gate?  Actually,
there's a story here...  The woman in white (who lives in the
lock-keeper house made coffee for the look-tender.  Then,
Nancy gave them brownies (that she'd baked on board).  So,
if you look closely, you'll see she's got a cup of coffee in one
hand and a brownie in the other while opening the lock gate!
Seeing double?  We were very surprised to see an Amarok
look-alike when we arrived in Pont d'Ouche, this is
Milou appears to be a slightly shorter version of Amarok.  I think
she's a 50-footer instead of our 55 feet.  The rumor is she's for sale.
Sat 25 May - 35°F and SNOWING this morning!
              10:00 AM - Dep
Pont d'Ouche
              12:15 PM - Ecl. 13, Ste. Sabine - lunch stop
                3:30 PM - Ecl 1, Last up lock
                3:45 PM - enter Pouilly Tunnel, 3.33 Km
                4:30 PM - Arr:
Pouilly-en-Auxois, PdP
                  Today: 9.4 mi  -  5.8 hrs  -  19 locks
We awoke in Pont d'Ouche to the site of wet snow!
Click on this photo to see SNOW!
Nancy produced Pumkin Soup for lunch, in a bright
orange cup, no less.  Just right for cold, wet weather!
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.  Canal de Bourgogne - Pont d'Ouche to...
Sure enough, the weather radar shows a patch of snow west of Dijon
- as well as in other parts of France.  (Green is rain, blue is SNOW.)
Today, we had planned to go only as far as
Vandenesse (before the tunnel) but the lock
keeper told us we should continue on through
the tunnel this afternoon, otherwise we might
have to wait until Tuesday!  Lots of hotel
barges and a tour boat in Pouilly that takes
tourists through the tunnel and back on
weekends - for 35 € apiece!
Dijon to Pont d'Ouche