Aboard the AMAROK
May     2013  -   Page 3
AMAROK on a very pretty section of the Canal de Bougogne - Lock #13, Sainte Sabine, 45 km east of Dijon.
Sat 25 May - 35°F and SNOWING this morning!
          10:00 AM - Dep
Pont d'Ouche
          12:15 PM - Ecl. 13, Ste. Sabine - lunch stop
            3:30 PM - Ecl 1, Last up lock
             3:45 PM - enter Pouilly Tunnel, 3.33 Km
             4:30 PM - Arr:
Pouilly-en-Auxois, PdP
                   Today: 9.4 mi  -  5.8 hrs  -  19 locks
View of the impressive 15th century Châteauneuf Castle fr Lock #11.
Locking in the rain!
Approaching the entrance to the summit tunnel.  The
green light means it's OK to enter.  The tiny white dot that
you can see (better, if you click on the photo) on the left
side is actually the light at the end of this 3.33 Km tunnel!
The well-decorated lock-keeper's house at Lock #4, "Grand Pré".
Inside the tunnel with only our tunnel-light to guide us.  It took
a lot of concentration to make it through here without touching
the sides - but we did it!
Emerging from the tunnel into the deep cut that leads into
Pouilly-en-Auxois.  From here, the rest of the
Canal de
is downhill all the way the the junction with the
River Yonne.
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The town of Pouilly-en-Auxois is located directly over the tunnel.  From the Port de Plaisance, you walk back along the canal
about 1 km to get to the center of town - where we were happy to find, no less than, three boulangeries!
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.Canal de Bourgogne - Dijon to Pont d'Ouche
Sun 26 May - stayed in Pouilly-en-Auxois.  On Monday,
we're planning to meet Jim & Jane Robertson of the UK
who might join the
AMAROK Partnership - if the visit
goes well!
The Port de Plaisance in Pouilly-en-Auxois - at the summit of the Canal de Bourgogne.  Lots of barges here,
some are headed for the DBA Barge Rally in Dijon which starts next week.  (We're happy to miss that.)
Amarok is visible in the distance.  The summit tunnel passes under the hill in the background.
Nancy picking wild-flowers.
Nancy headed into one of the Pouilly boulangeries.
A Coiffure in Pouilly.  I loved the
sissors hanging outside the door.
Surprisingly, there's a coiffure, or
beauty shop, in the smallest towns
here - even when there's no baker!
Jim & Jane Robertson came over from the UK to check out the AMAROK.
They might be joining our partnership - replacing Harvey & Sue Griggs
who have decided to withdraw.  Here, they are enjoying coffee and lemon
cake that Nancy baked on board.
Mon 27 May - The sun came out!  By far, the warmest, sunniest day we
have had since arriving here over two weeks ago.
Tue 28 May - After visiting, and reviewing
the technical details of the
AMAROK with the
Robertson's, we decided to take advantage of
a 2 PM locking opportunity, and head out.  
Because of the scarcity of
éclusiers and the
number of locks here, departures from Pouilly
are scheduled well in advance.
2:30 PM - into Lock #1 at Pouilly - in RAIN
6:30 PM - Arr:
Pont Royal, 3€ for elect here!
    Today: 11.4 mi  -  4.0 hrs  -  13 locks
After a sunny start, it began to pour rain just as we
headed into the first lock.  Here, Nancy is showing off
her new waterproof gloves that she bought in Pouilly.
A very grassy bank on Pont Royal where three dogs played happily.
Wed 29 May - 9:30 AM - Dep Pont Royal - 42°F
               11:45 AM - lunch stop at Ecl 21
                 We had a bout of HAIL during lunch!
                 6:00 PM - Arr:
Pouillenay, après Ecl 45
                  Today: 10.9 mi  -  7.2 hrs  -
32 locks!
    Our all-time record for number of locks in one day.
     Have no desire to beat this record any time soon.
A brief bright spot, but storm clouds ahead!
Nancy liked this cute little house in Venarey-les-Laumes.
Steam from our diesel furnace on a cold, damp morning.
Thur 30 May - Another cool, damp morning 40°F - heat on
                      Biked into town for bread - in the rain!
                    10:00 AM - Dep Pouillenay (w crsr
                    12:20 PM - Arr:
                          docked at Nicols base, H2O & elect 10€
                            Today:  3.1 mi  -  4.3 hrs  -  10 locks
Fri 31 May - 10:00 AM - Dep Venarey-les-Laumes
            continued thru the next 4 (totally manual) locks
              w/o lock-keeper - in the RAIN!
              3:30 PM - Arr:
Montbard, PdP elect & H2O
                     Today: 8.3 mi  -  4.0 hrs  -  8 locks
Docked at the Nicols base in Venarey-les-Laumes.
A Euroclassic barge with only an outside helm - not
much fun in the rain.  (We almost bought one of
these, I'm glad we got the
AMAROK instead!)
Locking in the rain.  At least I'm inside, Nancy's out there in the elements.
Buffon Park in Montbard.  Everything here has the name Buffon on it!
More importanrly,
the sun is shining - first day since Pouilly-en-Auxois!
A steep stepped street in Montbard.
That's Nancy at the bottom.
In Montbard, all these strange-looking trucks arrived
and parked next to our boat.
Next thing we knew, thousands of pigeons flew out.  Apparently
these are homing pigeons brought all the way from Heidelberg,
Germany where they are presumably headed.  Mouse-over the
photo to see them on their way - to Deutchland!
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.Canal de Bourgogne - Montbard to Tonnerre
Sat 01 June - Stayed in Montbard
                 Rain finally stopped!
         Checked out the Buffon Museum
and Park on a hill overlooking the town.
Sun 02 June - Hundreds of pigeons
released next to our boat.  See photos below.
Pont d'Ouche to Montbard
I'd noted earlier that Pouillenay was a mere 3 miles from
Flavigny-sur-Ozerain, the pretty little town where the movie
Chocolat" was filmed.  But given the cold, wet weather, we
sadly decided to pass up that bike ride this time around.