Summer 2013 - Fun with KELINA
KELINA docked on the granite wall at Fort Gorges in Casco Bay near Portland.
Daughter Meg with Rose & Eva and husband, Paul - and Nancy just visible (in pink) aboard the boat.
KELINA inside for the long NH winter - waiting for 2013 summer fun.
If you're a regular follower of SnoDogLog, you know that Nancy
and I spent the months of May and June in Europe aboard the
AMAROK.  We didn't get back to New Hampshire until early July.
That's when we launched the
KELINA for the 2013 summer season.
KELINA ready to splash for the 2013 at Great Bay Marina.
Many of these photos first appeared on Facebook over
the summer, but for those of you who haven't seen them,
I've re-posted them here.
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One of our July adventures was an excursion up Sagamore Creek to
BJ's Boathouse for lunch - with Meg, Paul, Eva, Rose and Nancy.
Another July adventure included our son Michael who payed us
a rare visit to Portsmouth.  Also with us that day was brother Kit
with two of his grandsons, Augie and Sebastian.
In early August I started some brightwork maintenance -
working my way slowly around the boat. After owning
Emily Belle (back in the 80's), I swore I'd never
have another boat with a varnished rail.  But it
is rewarding
to see how pretty it looks after a few fresh coats.
Here we are alongside the Wentworth-Coolidge Mansion (on the
back channel to Little Harbor).  Noele & Natasha are waving at us
from shore.
Headed up the Piscataqua River, Portsmouth Naval Shipyard in the
background.  In the foreground Michael, Sebastian, Augie and Kit.
Fresh varnish (Cetol Marine Gloss Finish) on the aft rails.
A lunch expedition to the Dockside Restaurant in York Harbor, Maine
(with Kit Clews and John Lamson).
Augie & Sebastian peeking through the front window.
Another August project was finding a dinghy for KELINA.  I found
this beauty on Craig's List - complete with a 2-HP motor which
weighs only 22-pounds.  They don't make those anymore!
I mounted the dinghy on the swim platform with Weaver Snap
Davits.  It takes about 30 seconds to launch the dinghy and
un-snap the hinges - very slick!
This guy appeared on the aft bollard while I was varnishing
- his color is a perfect match for oxidized bronze.
Kit's daughter Pip and partner, Tanna asked how many people we could take on KELINA.  I told them
I had 12 life jackets aboard - so that's what we got!  This was part of a family reunion.
The 12-person outing ended up at Chauncey Creek Lobster Pier, one of our
favorite boating destinations.
In early September, we headed off on one of
our few overnight
KELINA expeditions.  The
first night we stayed in
Kennebunkport, a
mere 1-1/2 hour ride from Portsmouth, and a
great place to visit by boat.  On Saturday, we
headed up to
Portland - another 1-1/2 hour
cruise - at 22 knots!  We docked at Peak's
Island (Marina) where my daughter Meg and
her husband have recently bought a house.  
They plan to make this their year-round
KELINA (on the outer dock) at Peak's Island Marina.  The Peak's Island
Ferry and Portland harbor are visible in the background.
Meg, Paul, Eva and Nancy crusing in Casco Bay.
Eva at the helm.
Rose at the helm.
Meg and Eva enter the portal amid numerous warning signs.
Fort Gorges - built in 1856.  Not too gorgeous anymore -
but fun to explore!
A fun place to visit in Casco Bay is Fort Gorges.  We
were able to dock against the granite wall and scramble up
and visit this 19-century fort. (See
photo at top of page.)
This monument is open to the public - albeit with lots of
warning signs.  Of course, you need a boat to get there!
Except for a few short outings, October activity consisted
mainly of refinishing the mahogany toerails...
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A late September
KELINA outing
with Kit, Noele
and Nancy.

Kit took this photo by
balancing his camera
on the aft deck.
On the Piscataqua River.  Skipper Henry at the helm.
Nancy, Henry, Kit & Noele.
Portside toerail scraped to bare wood, ready for varnish.
 (I've been using
Epifanes Wood Finish Gloss.)
End of the 2013 season.  Time for her long winter's nap.
October 30, 2013 -
KELINA comes out!
On the hydraulic trailer, headed for the barn.
December 2013 - Back in Florida
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Even though we're getting ready to head south, it certainly is pretty here in New England this time of year.
                         Even our roof - and our car - get into the act!
. AMAROK in the snow!
Long shadows, leaves on the ground, temps in the 30's -
                            time to head south!
31 October 2013
15 November 2013
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