December 2014 - Back in Florida
The causway leading to Nettles Island - our (windy) winter home.
Mid-November 2014 - We're back in Florida, just
in time for Thanksgiving and my brother Kit's 70th
birthday pirate-themed family reunion.
Sno' Dog as we found her upon our return.  Resting comfortably
next to the Griggs'
Cats Away at Hinckley's in Manatee Pocket,
Port Salerno (Stuart), FL.  At an elevation of 10 feet above sea
level, and with serious tie-down straps, these boats are considered
safe (by our insurance company) to weather a hurricane.
Summer storage in Florida takes its toll.
Some serious mold on our pilot seat!
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The view from our living room at 1300 Nettles Blvd.  Ours is not a
waterfront lot, but we do have a good view of the Marina.
Birthday dinner celebration with Diane and JP of PDQ
Moonstruck.  Here, we're enjoying a flourless chocolate
birthday cake baked by Nancy.
Brother Kit (with pirate hat) with his family to celebrate his 70th birthday.
Kit built this "Pirate Raft" for his grandchildren.  
There were numerous pirate-themed activities
including a treasure hunt - with lots of 'Clews'!
The pirate raft has come ashore...  This is Kit's daughter
Natasha's family (of five) on a single bike!
Papa Pirate Kit and wife Noele preparing to cut the cake.
At Christmas, my daughter Meg came down
from Maine with her family for a week's visit.
Heading out into the sunset aboard Sno' Dog with daughter Meg at the helm.  At left is my (13-year-old!)
granddaughter, Eva.  At the right is my (quite-a-bit-less-than 70-year-old) wife, Nancy.
Docked at the Dolphin Bar in Jensen Beach after an excellent dinner.
Granddaughter Rose posing on the bow.
Eva solo in the dinghy - after a checkout by father Paul.
Paul, Rose, Eva & Meg dinghying back from the beach at Peck Lake.
And so 2014 comes to a close...
In 2015, we plan to head over to the PDQ Rendezvous in Stuart (January 24th),
then a possible cruise to the West Coast of Florida in February-March.
December 30, 2014 - A family outing to Peck Lake, 10
miles south along the ICW from Nettles Island Marina.
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