Celebrating at our anchorage in Factory Bay, MARCO ISLAND after an 86-mile cruise from Marathon.  Nancy photo
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Crossing Florida Bay.  Except for the crab pots, it was smooth sailing!
I hope our crossing to the Bahamas in May is as smooth as this!
February 2014  -  Page 1   
Florida Loop Cruise, Con'd.
Click on photos to view larger image.
PDQ's at Marathon Marina:  The boat formerly known as "Lead FreeToo" and
Abbotsford 3.  There were four PDQ's here including a fancy 41.
Purrfection - good name for a cat!  (At Marathon Marina.)
Our chartplotter (before it quit!) showing our route from Marathon
north to Marco Island.  Cruising at 15 knots, the trip took about 5 hrs.
January 28, 29, 30 & 31st -
Sno' Dog stayed at Marathon Marina
while we rented a car and drove back
to Jensen Beach and Palm City for
the annual of our
Canal Boat Partnership. We were able
to teleconference via Skype with our
new British Partners, Jim & Jane
Robertson of Surrey, UK.
Nancy & I will be heading to France
this summer for the mid-June to
mid-July time slot, possibly cruising
up into the Alsace-Lorraine region of
northeast France.
Saturday, February 1 -
9:00 AM - Dep Marathon Marina
9:10 AM - under the 7-mile bridge, mast-down.
         Because of beautiful weather, we decided to
head straight for Coon Key Pass near Goodland (at
the south end of Marco Island) - about a 75 n mi
straight shot. (See chart-plotter photo on right.)  
All was going swimmingly until our Raymarine
E-80 chart-plotter quit.  We were able to set the
E-120 unit on the flybridge as "master" and carry
on, but without waypoints and without the ability
to lock the autopilot into the waypoint to "track".  
No problem, however...
2:45 PM - Coon Key Pass
3:45 PM - Arr:
Marco Island,
             Anchored in Factory Bay
.               Today: (est) 86 n mi  -  6.8 eng hrs
Guacamole, chips, Cerveza Corona (with lime) - and the Superbowl!  
Thanks to Naples Boat Club (Dish Network) Cable TV.   Life is good!
Sunday, February 2nd -
Superbowl Sunday  and... Groundhog Day!
12:30 PM - Dep Marco Island anchorage
2:15 PM - Arr:
Naples, Naples Boat Club slip
.                  good place to watch Superbowl
.                Today: 11.0 n mi  -  2.0 eng hrs
Punxsutawney Phil
10:35 AM - Dep Naples Boat Dock
11:00 AM - out Gordon Pass into the Gulf
2:30 PM - enter Boca Grande Pass to GICW
3:15 PM - Arr:
Cape Haze - anchorage
            Today: 56.0 n mi  -  4.8 eng hrs
Conspicuous consumption!  This boat has a 100-Amp cord
plus two 50-Amp cords connected to shore power.  (We use
one 30-Amp cord.)  He also has an elaborate water hook-up.
Click on photo to view larger image.
We didn't really have a favorite team - this is pretty much the only
football we watch all year.  But we're glad the Seattle Seahawks WON -
43 to 8!  And some of those million-dollar commercials were fun too.
     Another perfect day on the Gulf of Mexico!  
Estero Island (Ft Myers Beach)  visible on the horizon.
Headed for Boca Grande Pass - visible in the distance.
Arriving at the Boca Grande Swing Bridge, we were greeted by a porpoise!
         Mouse-over for a closer look.
Spotted this bird on top of the mast.  
Can you see it?  Try mousing over for
a SUPER ZOOM!  (You can also click
to see an even bigger image.)  I think
it's an osprey.
Another sunset in paradise!  This, from our anchorage - just off the
Gulf Intracoastal Waterway near Cape Haze.
February 03
Wednesday, February 05 -
   7:00 AM - We were awakened by a loud thunk against our hull!
   Turned out to be a couple of fisherman who said they'd been up all night and
were a "bit groggy".  To compensate for the bump, they offered us some of their
catch, a couple of fresh pompano.  Nancy graciously accepted the challenge of
fileting them - see photo below.  She cooked them for dinner and they made an
excellent dinner for four - we invited the Griggs aboard for dinner.
  11:15 AM - Dep
Venice, Crow's Nest Marina
    1:30 PM - Arr:
Sarasota, Capt Jack's Marina (next to Cat's Away)
                                   Today: 13.5 n mi  -  2.2 eng hrs
Tuesday February 04 -
10:30 AM - Anchor up - Cape Haze
11:45 AM - Arr:
Englewood, Royal
                  Palm Marina.
Met Nancy's friend Ann Gaddis
for lunch at & Zeke's Restaurant
4:00 PM - Arr:
Venice, Crow's Nest
Met Harvey & Sue Griggs
aboard PDQ-34,
Cat's Away.
   Today: 19.9 n mi - 3.3 eng hrs
Ann Gaddis & Nancy aboard Sno' Dog.
A coy pelican on the Jetty in Venice.
Nancy bravely fileting fresh pompano next to Sno' Dog in Venice.
Cats Away and Sno' Dog at Capt Jacks Marina in Sarasota.
Thursday, Friday - February 06 & 07 -
Stayed in
Sarasota.  Visited Marie Selby Botanical Gardens.
Went to play (
Other Desert Cities) at Asolo Rep Theatre,
Etc, etc...
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