February 2014  -  Page 3
Family Visits
Nettles Island
At our slip at Nettles Island Marina, pelicans on the new pilings which make getting into the slip challenging!
 (Clearance between that last piling and the pilings on the dock is 16-ft -10-in  -  Sno' Dog's beam is 16-ft - 8-in.)
Shortly after our return to Jensen Beach, my daughter
Charlotte, with her husband Jerome and daughters Lucy and
Georgia arrived from Maine for a week's visit.  Naturally,
the visit included a
Sno' Dog outing...
A very enthusiastic helms-woman as we pass under the
             Jensen Beach Causeway Bridge.
Entering Manatee Pocket - with two figureheads!
Lucy at the helm.
At Peck Lake - visiting the Hobe Sound National Wildlife
Refuge - a very short walk to the Atlantic beach from here.
Another popular destination was the Jonathan
Dickinson State Park in Hobe Sound.  Charlotte
was glad to discover that there are actually some
pretty, wild places in Florida.
Hiking to the top of Hobe Mountain, a breathtaking 86 feet
above sea level - the highest natural point in Florida south
of Lake Okeechobee!
Kayaking on the Loxahatchee River in Jonathon Dickinson
State Park.  That's an osprey flying ahead of Charlotte.
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Overnight outing with Belle & Dean McKusick, Nancy's mother and husband...
On the St. Lucie River, Martin Memorial Hospital in the
Gives new meaning to the term "Retriever".
At the appropriately named Sunset Bay Marina in Stuart, FL.
Belle with her new toy! (An i-Phone.)
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