January 2014  -   Sno' Dog heads South
Arriving at the 2014 PDQ Open House & Rendezvous at Stuart Yacht Ctr on the South Fork of the St Lucie R.
Stuart, FL
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Watermelon, formerly owned by Peter and Jeanne Pockel
heading into the South Fork branch.
The PDQ line-up - waiting for prospects to arrive in the morning.
Friday afternoon (January 17th)
I headed over to Stuart Yacht Ctr
for the
PDQ Rendezvous. (I
went alone as Nancy was in
Tucson, AZ visiting a friend.)
Sno' Dog, there were
13 PDQ's assembled there.  I
met Ray Dries, owner of PDQ
"Tikittyboo" who very kindly
invited me for dinner aboard his
boat - a sister ship to
Sno' Dog
and one of the few boats still
owned by her original owner!
PDQ owners and the Rhumb Line support group assembled before Saturday night's dinner.
Saturday there were seminars
on all manner of topics including
the upcoming
Exumas Expedition
organized by Rhumb Line. Dick
Tuschick made it sound so
alluring I think we will definitely
plan to participate!  (We've been
to the Abacos several times, but
we've never managed to get to
the Exumas with
Sno' Dog.
Click on photos to view larger image.
12:30 PM - Dep Nettles I Marina (Jensen Beach)
2:45 PM - passing Jupiter Inlet
4:30 PM - Arr
W Palm Beach (WPB YC & Marina)
                Today:  34.0 n mi  -  4.0 eng hrs
Clematis Street in Downtown West Palm Beach was very festive!
We stopped in at Rocco's Tacos for a Margarita and fresh guacamole.
The heat lamps were on due to an outside temp of 58º.  Burrr!
Impressive smoke under the Sewall's Point Bridge, I think they're
burning sugar cane south of Stuart.  (Mouse-over for a close-up.)
People at the top of Jupiter Light.  
The two girls on the left are taking
photos of
Sno' Dog passing by.
January 23 - 10:30 AM - Dep West Palm Beach YC
               3:00 PM - stuck at Comercial Blvd Br, 1 hr
               5:00 PM - Arr:
Ft Lauderdale, New River
                              Today: 33.8 n mi  -  6.0 eng hrs
                  10-min walk to the Cheesecake Factory!
Wednesday, January 22 - We decided to head out aboard Sno' Dog for a
.                                        South Florida Cruise...
A flock of herons flying over our tie-up on the New River at dusk.
January 24 - 12 noon - Dep New River Docks
              3:15 PM - Arr:
Miami - MiaMarina
                             Today: 19.3 n mi  -  3.3 eng hrs
          Finally made it to warmer weather!  72º
Colorful Miami skyline behind our slip at MiaMarina Bayside.
January 25 - 12 noon - Dep Miami (another early start!)
             1:00 PM - Arr:
Coconut Grove - Dinner Key
                           Today: 5.5 n mi  -  1.1 eng hrs
                   Beautiful Florida weather is back - 76º
"Nancy weather"!  Calm winds, calm seas, temp above 70º...  
When this happens, Nancy makes a (rare) appearance top-sides!
This is Biscayne Bay, downtown Miami in the background.
Miami skyline at the entrance to beautiful Biscayne Bay.
January 26 - 11:00 AM - Dep Coconut Grove
                  2:15 PM - Arr: Key Largo
                        Today: 32.2 n mi  -  3.2 eng hrs
                      The Florida Keys are Sunset Country!
Sunset from the beach at Gilbert's "Resort" in Key Largo.
      That distinctive profile on the right is Nancy!
January 27 - 9:45 AM - Dep Gilbert's, Key Largo
                 2:00 PM - Arr: Marathon - Marathon Marina
                          Today: 49.6 n mi  -  4.3 eng hrs
               Great slip facing West - toward the SUNSET!
.         Glassy water on Florida Bay near Islamorada.
I hope we get weather like this for our
Exumas Expedition!
An amazingly small wake considering we're cruising at 15 knots.
More "Nancy Weather" - even though our speed through the
water is producing a 15-mph wind.  (She's being very brave!)
Sunset view (telephoto) from our slip at Marathon Marina.
                           Welcome to Paradise!
We plan to stay in Marathon for a few days.  We'll rent
a car and drive back to Palm City for our annual
(canal barge)
Partnership meeting on Wednesday 01/29.
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