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AMAROK enjoying exclusivity at the pretty Port de Plaisance de Seurre  on the river Saône.
12 July - 10:00 AM - Dep Verdun-sur-le-Doubs
           12:30 PM - stopped for lunch at Seurre
             3:45 PM - Arr: Saint-Jean-de-Losne
                       on the "Steps" by Gretige Henriette
             4:30 PM - up through 1st lock of the
Canal de Bourgogne to Blanquart's
                       work area in
                        Today: 22.5 mi - 5.5 hrs - 3 locks
Nancy opening the gate on the lock up into St. Usage.
Flood gauge on the Saône showing water level not
very far below "Stage I" flood level.  Too much rain!
(In the background, some soggy Bastille Weekend
fisherman/campers trying to do their thing.)
Man and wife (carrying sandbags) sandblasting their boat at Blanquart's.
New and old air
filters.  Pretty
obvious that it
was time for a
Panoramic view of H2O sales dock in St-Jean-de-Losne.  Lots of barges for sale, but few as nice as Amarok.
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13, 14, 15 July - Hung out in St-Usage -
St-Jean-de-Losne waiting for new air filter
elements to arrive.  Moved back down to the
"steps" on the Saône where the scenery is
prettier - and to get away from sandblasting!
I loved this little barge "Sarah Ann" designed by an
Englishman to carry his car aboard.  He finds a wall of
the right height, then drives on and off.  Very clever!
On the "steps" at St-Jean-de-Losne, actually the official Port de Plaisance here.
Hungry swans and cygnets in St-Jean-de-Losne.
Dinner aboard Gretige Henriette with hosts Bill & Winnie Post in scenic
downtown St-Jean-de-Losne.  This was the cheese course.
17 July - With new air filter elements in place, we filled our diesel tank (it
took a 120 liters, for 65 hours of operation
) and started north on the
Saône.  Unfortunately, we started noticing the engine problem once again,
so we returned to Saint-Jean.  After and hour of scratching his head, the
mechanic at Blanquart's suddenly announced: "J'ai trouvé votre problem!".  
Turns out, our Perkins engine has a pop-up, pop-down cap on the air filter
and it was popped down!  It now has a bright yellow label on it saying
"Keep this up!".
The offending pop-up cap on our air filter.  A stupid
design, if you ask me.  It's so easy to pop it down just
by resting your arm on it.
The entrance from the Saône to the Canal du Rhône au Rhin.
18 July - 9:45 AM - Dep St-Jean-de-Losne
      10:30 AM - enter Canal du Rhône au Rhin
        3:30 PM - Arr: Dole - PdP
              Today: 15.0 mi - 4.4 hrs - 10 locks
The city of Dole turned out to be a beautiful place
to spend the last few days of our trip.  Many
restaurants and a large outdoor market on Tuesday
and Saturday mornings.  We also used our rental
car to explore the towns of
Gray and Besançon.
Easy to spot AMAROK across from the Nicols base in Dole.  Mouseover to see the same scene at night - with fireworks!
The view from our boat in Dole at 10 PM - quite spetacular!
Three balloons passing above Amarok at dusk.
Finally, perfect weather for an outdoor dinner!
Verdun-sur-le-Doubs to Dole
22 July - Jim & Jane Robertson arrived in time for lunch
aboard and we had some time to share the highlights of our
trip as well as to discuss mechanical issues - hopefully all
resolved once we discovered the pop-up air-filter cap problem.
All in all, it was a great 5 weeks aboard the Amarok.  The
Canal Latéral à la Loire and the Canal du Centre turned out
to be prettier than we'd expected, even with a fair amount
of rain.  We were able to find fresh bread every morning of
our trip - except one, and that was because we decided to
forgo it due to poring rain.
In five weeks we covered about 230 miles (370 km),
passed through 107 locks and put 74.8 hours on the engine
(and a mere 3 hours on the generator.)  Except for our little
air-filter issue, everything worked fine.  The
Amarok is a
very comfortable boat!
After four great years, and a total of 38 weeks aboard
Amarok, we have decided it's time to move on.  (We
already have two boats in the USA.)  So, we have decided
to make our quarter-share available starting with the 2015
Contact us if you're interested.  And check out the
AMAROK Information Page for more information.
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