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Docked at Cours-les-Barre on the Canal Latéral à la Loire.  Our AMAROK  appears to glow at dusk.
Cours-les-Barres to Beaulon
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.             Nevers to Cours-les-Barre
.          on the Canal Latéral à la Loire
Cours-les-Barre offered free dockage, including water and electricity,
in a beautiful setting.  The boulangerie was only a 5-min walk.
After a peaceful night in Cours-les-Barre, we
turned around and began heading back east on the
Canal Latéral à la Loire.
21 June - Summer Solstice!
        11:00 AM - Dep Cours-les-Barres
        12:30 PM - Arr: Le Guétin (B-4 locks)
      Rode bikes 5 km to
           Today: 5.9 mi - 1 lock  + 10 km bike ride
The unusual, but discontinued, Ecluse des Lorrains which
used to connect the river Allier to the Canal Latéral à la
Loire.  This lock allowed access to the river both above and
below the dam on the Allier as the sign below shows.
The very cute little town of Apremont-sur Allier which has made a
conscious effort to look old.  It does help to bring in the tourists!
A gorgeous house in the Parc Floral in Apremont-sur Allier.
The Chinese Bridge in the Parc Floral in Apremont-sur-Allier.
Riding back from Apremont we passed through
"The Frog".  The French do like their frogs!
The little church
had an open-door
policy which
allowed birds to
come and go at
If you look
closely (click
on the photo)
you'll see one
happily in the
arms of this
statue of
Passing back across le Pont Canal du Guétin over the Allier.    Photo by Nancy
22 June - 9:30 AM - Dep Le Guétin
           Back up through the Guétin Locks
       11:15 AM - Psg branch canal to Nevers
         3:15 PM - Arr:
                            Today: 19 mi - 5 locks
23 June - 11 AM - Dep Fleury-sur-Loire
            1:00 PM - waiting for lock
            1:30 PM - Arr
Decize, le Port
                             Today: 8 mi - 3 locks
     Big supermarket an easy walk from here.
     Walked into town for dinner.
27 June - 9:45 AM - Dep Beaulon - Halte Nautique
       11:15 AM - turn into branch to Dompierre-sur-Bresbre
       11:45 AM - Arr:
         Lunch at Café de la Paix - excellent buffet, incl wine
         2:30 PM - re-join Canal Latéral à la Loire
         4:30 PM - Arr:
               Lake & beach here, Mary & kids went swimming
                      Today: 14.7 mi - 4.4 eng hrs - 5 locks
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Swans guarding their single cygnet.
Our first rainy day, memories of last year!
Nancy at the helm - with flowers she picked along the bank.
24 June - 1:00 PM - Dep Port de Decize
                thru lock down into Loire
               1:30 PM - enter
Canal du Nivernais
               2:00 PM - Arr: St-Léger-des-Vignes
                              just above lock, near train stn.
                                 Today: 2.1 mi - 2 locks
    Met daughter-in-law and grandkids at RR station.
 (They flew in from Boston, spent the day sightseeing
      in Paris, then they took the train to Decize.)
Neddie, Hal & Mary arriving at the Gare de Decize -
which is actually located in St-Léger-des-Vignes.
Nancy, Mary & Neddie on the bow in Decize on the open River Loire.
Mary, Neddie & Hal riding along the (rather grassy) towpath.
25 June - 10 AM - Dep St-Léger-des-Vignes
            thru lock, back across the Loire and up
            (2 locks) into the Canal Latéral à la Loire
             Mary & kids rode bikes along the towpath
             4:00 PM - Arr:
             Today: 12.4 mi - 4.5 eng hrs - 7 locks
Neddie, Hal & Mary ready to try Nancy's Rosemary Chicken.
26 June - 10:15 AM - Dep Gannay-sur-Loire
              12:15 PM - lunch stop at Garnat-sur-Engièvre
                1:30 PM - Arr:
Beaulon (free H2O & elec)
      Nancy made a delicious
Magret de Canard aboard.
                    Today: 9.3 mi - 2.7 eng hrs - 3 locks
The locks along this stretch of the Canal Latéral à la Loire are all manual.
Hal cranking.
Even Nancy cranking!
Neddie cranking.
Mary cranking.
Everyone was able to participate, as you
                 can see below.
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