June 2014  -  Page 3
Beaulon to Paray-le-Monial
Grandkids Hal & Neddie on the bow as we cruise a wild section of the Canal Latéral à la Loire.
27 June - 9:45 AM - Dep Beaulon - Halte Nautique
       11:15 AM - turn into branch to Dompierre-sur-Bresbre
       11:45 AM - Arr:
          Lunch at Café de la Paix - excellent buffet, incl wine
         2:30 PM - re-join Canal Latéral à la Loire
         4:30 PM - Arr:
              Lake & beach here, Mary & kids went swimming
                    Today: 14.7 mi - 4.4 eng hrs - 5 locks
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Trying to blend in with the Locaboats in Dompierre-sur-Bresbre.
Swimming at the beach near Pierrefitte-sur-Loire.
Neddie and Hal playing cards on the bow.
Neddie flying!  (Launched off her brother's back.)
Hal in the ambulance, with concerned mother Mary.
                             Un petit accident...
After a lovely swim, and dinner, the kids went back to the
playground near the beach and Hal attempted to jump some
hurdles.  Unfortunately, he missed and fell heavily on his arm.
Neddie ran back to the boat and announced that Hal had
broken his arm - which we, of course, assumed was an
exaggeration.  But sure enough, when he arrived limping (and
whimpering) back to the boat, Nancy took a look and said we
should call 911.  I called
112 (the French equivalent), gave
them our location, and 15 minutes later they arrived - within
six feet of the boat!  (See photo at left.)
A very impressive group of first responders arrived in a
high-tech ambulance and took Hal and his mother off to the
hospital in (not so nearby) Moulins.  Turned out he had
compound fractures of both bones in his forearm!
Le "Véhicule de Secours et d'Assitance aux Victimes" est arrivé!
The next morning they operated and inserted two long pins
into the bones.  All very horrowing, but we very impressed
with the care he received.
28 June - 9:15 AM - Dep Pierrefitte-sur-Loire - in the rain,
             with Nancy & Neddie.  Hal & Mary spent the night
             at the hospital in Moulins.
             12 noon - Arr:
Digoin, docked at Canalous base
                   Today: 10.0 mi - 2.7 eng hrs - 3 locks
              Rented a car (Europcar), drove to
Moulins (1hr)
              to visit Hal & Mary.  Pretty town!
Neddy with her pet snail!  She found him at a lock and he
rode with us to the next lock - where she handed him back
to the lock-keeper - who said, "pour dejeuner"!  It was
lunch time, but we assumed he was only just joking.
Hal at the hospital after operation to pin his broken bones.
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Before & after X-rays.  Long pins inserted to stabilize bones.
The Port de Plaisance in Digoin.  Amarok is at the Canalous base.
The Pont Canal which carries the Canal Latéral à la Loire
across the Loire river and to the junction with the Canal du
Centre in Digoin.  (Click on the photo to read the sign.)
A screen shot from the film at the Observaloire Museum
in Digoin - very interesting.
A huge thunderstorm in Digoin.  Over in Moulins, the same
storm caused a leak in the ceiling in Hal's hospital room!
After the thunderstorm this amazing double rainbow appeared.  
It was so bright, you can see its reflection in the water!
While visiting Hal & Mary in Moulins, we strolled downtown
- which turned out to be quite lovely.  This was the view from
Face en Face Café where we had dinner.  I believe it's the
back of the Moulins Cathedral.
After three nights in the hospital, Hal was finally released
with a large cast and a sling.  Here they are heading out by
rental car for the south of France.  A quick visit to
Napoule, then on the Mary's sister's place near Naples, Italy.
This is the Post Office in Digoin!   No-doubt built
in  better times for this small city.
While waiting for Hal to get out of the hospital, we spent several days
hanging out in Digoin.  While not terribly pretty from the canal, the
downtown was quite interesting.  Digoin used to be a major port, first
on the River Loire, then on the
Canal Latéral.  Above is the pretty
Digoin Church located appropriately at the
Place de l'Eglise.
1 July - 11:30 AM - Dep Digoin - headed East on
Canal du Centre
             1:30 PM - Arr: Paray-le-Monial
                      Today: 7.5 mi - 2.0 eng hrs - 3 locks
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The Basilica in Paray-le-Monial,  a mecca for religious pilgrims.
The P.O. in Paray-le-Monial, not quite as impressive as Digoin.
Amarok and Gretige Henriette - owned by Americans, Bill &
Winnie Post, waiting for lock.
Locking through with Dutch tjalk "Gretige Henriette" behind us.
The Chapel of Apparitions in Paray-le-Monial where a nun
saw a vision of Jesus with a bleeding heart.  This has become
a huge religious attraction.
Look carefully at the carving on the rudder of Gretige Henriette.