May 2014  -  PDQ Exumas Expedition  -  Page 2
Heading east out of Nassau Harbour, bound for Eleuthera - Improv and Moonstruck following behind.
Apr 29 - 9:00 AM - Dep Nassau, Bay St. Marina - headed east
        Passed Rose Island, then northeast toward Eleuthera.
 Choppy at first with 15-kt ESE wind, calmer later as
wind turned SSE and we ran in the lee of the islands.
Dave on
Improv caught 3 fish, 2 Spanish mackerel and a tuna!
 3:15 PM - dropped anchor in
Royal Harbour, Eleuthera.
                Today: 34.9 nm  -  6.3 eng hrs
Apr 30 - 10 AM - anchor up - Dep Royal Harbor.  ESE 15 kts
        11:00 AM - Arr:
Spanish Wells - S. W. Ycht Haven
                         Today: 5.7 nm  -  1.0 eng hr
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Dark & stormy skies at our anchorage in Royal Harbour.
(Diane served us "Dark & Stormy" drinks in Spanish Wells.)
     Sno' Dog heading to Eleuthera in deep, dark blue water.
(I'm always amazed by how little wake these boats make at 7 kts.)
Sno' Dog & Improv at our idyllic anchorage in Royal Harbour.
     (This photo and Sno' Dog above right taken by Moonstruck Diane.)
Choppy waters heading toward Spanish Wells.
Colorful houses in Spanish Wells.
May 1 - 10:30 AM - Boarded Fast Ferry Bo "Hengy II"
         11:00 AM - Arr:
Dunmore Town, Harbour Island
         A fun ride at 30 kts through the "Devil's Backbone"
  dodging the shoals around the north end of Eleuthera.
Rented a golf cart and explored, lunch at the "Queen Conch"
          3:30 PM - Rtn by Fast Ferry to
Spanish Wells.
Catamaran ferry Bo Hengy II at the dock in Spanish Wells.
This ferry makes a daily run from Nassau to Harbour Island
with a quick stop in Spanish Wells.  It's a fun ride!
JP, Diane, Elaine, Nancy & Henry ready to board the ferry.
Heading out of Spanish Wells through the verry narrow channel.
A greeting from the ferry captain as he heads in to the bridge.
Our 6-passenger golf card parked at "Gusty's" overlooking the bay.
Elaine, Diane & JP aboard the fast ferry.
The idyllic beach at the Sands Club in Harbour I.  Beach chairs: $25/day.
Low tide flats to the north of Harbour Island.
Happy Couple at the beach in front of the Sands Club.
An Eleutheran rooster in front of "Big Reds".
The wake of the Fast ferry as it threaded its way back through the
Devil's Backbone passage around N. Eleuthera.  At times, the ferry
(travelling at 25+ knots) was less than 50 feet from the beach!
Jet ski jumping the wake of the fast cat ferry.
The handsome(?) profile of the Bo Hengy II fast ferry.
May 2nd - Hung out in Spanish Wells.  A very cute and
                              friendly little town.
May 3rd - 8:45 AM - Dep Spanish Wells - wind S 10-15
             10:30 AM - turned south into Fleeming Channel
                            15-20 kt wind on the nose, choppy!
              3:30 PM - Anchored in
Allen's Cay, Exumas
                            Quite peaceful, iguanas friendly!
                            Today: 39.3 nm  -  7.0 eng hrs
May 4th - 9:45 AM - Anchor up at Allen's Cay
            10:30 AM - anchored in
Ship Channel Cay,
                              just behind Robert's Cay
Decided to find a quieter spot for the expected north winds.
                    Today: 2.7 nm  -  0.9 eng hrs  (tough day!)
             First gathering in the Exumas of the PDQ fleet,
       Fun gathering on the beach complete with rainbow!
                         (See photos on
Page 3)
Table set for six for a Nancy-made dinner aboard Sno' Dog.
A bit choppy headed south from Eleuthera - 15-20 kt winds on the nose.
Elaine & Dave (Improv) discovering iguanas on Allen's Cay.
A member of the Welcoming Committee at Allen's Cay!
George & friends dinghying back to CareFree at Allen's Cay.
View from the beach at Allen's Cay - Sno' Dog in background.
PDQ 44 CareFree at sunset on Allen's Cay.
May 5th - ¡Feliz Cinco de Mayo! - 12 noon - anchor up
            1:00 PM - Arr
Highbourne Cay - Marina
            Today:  5.4 nm  -  1.0 eng hrs
                             Very posh place!
Awaiting the arrival of the gang for tomorrow's gathering.