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PDQ Exumas Expedition
May 2014
Page 3
Ship Channel Cay (off Robert's Cay) - Traveler II, Alaska Gypsea, Sno' Dog, Moonstruck, Improv - & rainbow!
May 4th - 9:45 AM - Anchor up at Allen's Cay
        10:30 AM - anchored in
Ship Channel Cay,
                          just behind Robert's Cay
Decided to find a quieter spot for the expected north winds.
             Today: 2.7 nm  -  0.9 eng hrs  (tough day!)
      First gathering in the Exumas of the PDQ fleet,
Fun gathering on the beach complete with rainbow!
May 5th - ¡Feliz Cinco de Mayo!
        12 noon - anchor up
        1:00 PM - Arr
Highbourne Cay
          Today:  5.4 nm  -  1.0 eng hrs
   Highbourne Cay Marina - Very posh place!
  Awaiting the arrival of the gang for
   tomorrow's gathering.
May 6 - Stayed at Highbourne Cay Marina
    Official cocktail greeting w green shirts
Outstanding buffet dinner at
Xuma Restaurant
            Total of
17 PDQ's here today!
This thing brings tourists from Nassau to Ship Channel Cay
for the day - takes 'em about an hour to make the run!
Carol and Dick (Heron) arriving by dinghy.
Dick & Carol greeting JP (in the
water) & Diane on
The Rendezvous begins!  Our first beach gathering - at Ship Channel Cay.  John T (Traveler II)  
brought a huge lobster that fed us all!
           And a rainbow to top it off!
Dinghies returning from the Ship Channel Cay beach party.
Click on photos to view larger image...
At one point, the rainbow
appeared to end directly on
Elaine & Dave's
Improv - pretty
amazing!  They headed back to
their boat check for the
Entering Highbourne Cay Marina.  Several PDQ's visible.
This shark greeted us coming in to Highbourne Cay.
Sign for the Xuma Restaurant at Highbourne Cay.
The cut at the road entrance to Highbourne Cay.
I heard people were dressing for dinner - so I brought out my blue blazer.
(Turns out, it was only the women, but I got lots of attention!)
Beach on the sound side of Highbourne Cay.
Surrounded by Diane and Elaine at the bar
in Highbourne Cay
May 7 - Stayed another day at Highbourne Cay
May 8 - 11:15 AM - Dep Highbourne Cay
          Inside route past Norman's Cay
           1:45 PM - anchored at
Shroud Cay
           Dinghied with JP & Diane across creek to
            Sound side beach - gorgeous!
                Today: 12.4 nm  -  2.6 eng hrs
Exumas Expedition - Page 4
Highbourne Cay Marina, our first official rendezvous point.  14  PDQ's visible, 3 more at south dock, making a total of SEVENTEEN!
Friendly birds.
Internet connection is hard to come by out
here.  If you don't have a BTC (Bahamas Tel
Co) data-enabled sim-card, you must rely on
the Marina WiFi's which are satellite-based,
somewhat intermittent and very pricey -
sometimes as much as $10/100MB of data!