May 2014  -  PDQ Exumas Expedition  -  Page 4
We followed the inside, shallow water, passage south from Highbourne Cay.  This is Saddle Cay, close-up.
May 8 - 11:15 AM - Dep Highbourne Cay
        Inside route past Norman's Cay
        1:45 PM - anchored at
Shroud Cay
     Dinghied with JP & Diane across creek to
     the Sound-side beach - gorgeous!
            Today: 12.4 nm  -  2.6 eng hrs
May 9 - 9:50 AM - anchor up at Shroud Cay
     10:45 AM -  moored at
Hawksbill Cay
       1:30 PM - continued south, inside rte
       3:30 PM - Arr
Warderick Wells
                   Emerald Rock (S.) mooring field
                    Today: 16.4 nm  -  3.2 eng hrs
Dinghied over to
Exuma Land & Sea Pk Hdqrts.
Some spots required careful maneuvering through the shallow waters.
                  Great to have a PDQ with less than 3-ft draft!
Nancy & Diane on the dinghy ride into Shroud Cay.
On the Sound-side of Shroud Cay - a gorgeous beach!
Henry & Nancy on the Shroud Cay Sound-side beach.
(Mouse-over for another image.)    
  Photos by Diane
Diane & JP on the beach at  Shroud Cay.
Exumas sunset from our anchorage at Shroud Cay.
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        more photos of Staniel Cay...
View from the bridge at Hawksbill Cay.  We never tire of this color!
Co-captains Diane & JP aboard Moonstruck.
Dave Watt at the helm of Improv.
Improv guiding us through a shallow passage into Warderick Wells.
Park sign along the creek in Shroud Cay.
May 10 - Rolly night at exposed anchorage in the
Emerald Rock mooring field - overflow parking area!
10 AM - Dep
Warderick Wells mooring
11:30 AM - Arr:
Compass Cay - Marina
               very protected and peaceful.
                   Today: 11.4 nm  -  1.5 eng hrs
Diane, Dave Elaine and JP dinghying in to Pk. Hdqrtrs.
Bathing beauties aboard Heron at Warderick Wells.  
Salwa & Beth are recent arrivals on board.
Rugged beauty on the Sound side of Warderick Wells.  Glad we're not
trying to cruise out there right now.  Winds have been fairly constant
from the East at 15-20 knots for the past week!
Click on this photo to get
the full effect!  Besides the
bikini-clad blonde, there's a
60-hp motor on that dinghy!
Also, that 60-ft sport-fish in
the background has no
opening windows or ports -
Heron getting a serious wash-down from crew members James,
Salwa and Beth at Compass Cay.  Hopefully, they're not billing
Dick at their hourly rates!
PDQ's filling the docks at Compass Cay Marina,
an unofficial rendezvous point.
May 11 - Mother's Day - 11:45 AM Dep Compass Cay
            Inside passage through Pipe Creek,
            some shallow places at low tide - 4 feet!
               1:30 PM - Arr:
Staniel Cay - SCYC
                    Today: 7.0 nm  -  1.8 eng hrs
May 12 - Stayed at Staniel Cay.  Official PDQ
Rendezvous and Buffet Dinner at the Staniel Cay
Yacht Club.  (It was supposed to be outside on
the terrace, but the tablecloths kept blowing off,
so we moved inside.  Excellent meal, 16 PDQ's
and crew in attendance.
Picturesque panorama from the top of the hill on Compass Cay looking south along Pipe Creek.  Note wind turbines on Thomas Cay.
Heading out of the narrow channel from Compass Cay Marina.
Closer view of large house and wind turbines on Thomas Cay as we passed by on Pipe Creek.
A friendly shark guiding us into our slip at Staniel Cay YC.
"Welcome to Staniel Cay, home of the Grandmaster".  (Perhaps
the sailing regatta?  We saw the winning"Tida Wave" sloop here.)
Staniel Cay International Airport - from the terminal building.
Ready for immediate takeoff - at the Staniel Cay Int'l Airport!