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Cave Cay Marina on Thursday evening.  More PDQ's arrived on Friday which was the official rendezvous day.
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May 15 - 1:30 PM - Dep Black Point anchorage
           4:00 PM - Arr:
Cave Cay Marina, aka
                                 "Safe Harbour Marina"
                      Today: 12.8 nm  -  2.5 eng hrs
At Cave Cay, we walked down the 3500-ft runway to the
beach at the end.  As we started back, we saw what
appeared to be alien life-forms appearing at the other end!
As they got closer, we realized that this was a group of PDQ
women with their inflatable toys looking for the beach!
May 16 - After exploring Cave Cay, and walking the
airstrip, we decided to take advantage of diminishing
(and southerly) winds to start
heading North!  Even
though tomorrow's forecast looked good for a quick
run (some 40 miles) down to George Town, the winds
after that were forecast to blow strongly again for the
next 5 or 6 days.  We need to be back in Florida next
week to help Nancy's parents go north.  And, we
ourselves are scheduled to head to France in
mid-June.  All these vacations can get hectic!.  
12 noon - Dep Cave Cay Marina
1:45 PM - psg Black Point Settlement
3:00 PM - Arr:
Staniel Cay YC
          Filled fuel tanks, only took 57
gallons. Last fill-up in Nassau 3 weeks ago.
Met up with Elaine (fr Improv) and had
dinner on board
Sno' Dog.
May 17 - 7:15 AM - Dep Staniel Cay
   Beautiful calm cruising! (See photo.)
11:00 AM - psg Highbourne Cay (we'd
   planned to stop, but they were full -
so we reset our course for Porgee Rocks
at the eastern end of Nassau.
12:00 noon - wind picked up, ENE 15-20
1:00 PM - dinghy bridal broke - leaving
            dinghy hanging vertically!
2:45 PM - Arr
Nassau - after a bumpy ride!
          Docked at Nassau Yacht Haven
          Today: 69.5 nm  -  7.5 eng hrs
      Excellent dinner at the "Poop Deck".
Nancy looking happy at 7:30 AM as we head north from Staniel Cay.  
Unfortunately this calm weather didn't stay with us all the way to Nassau.
                                                                       (Note clouds on horizon.)
Catamarans rule!  Anchored off Staniel Cay near the Thunderball Grotto.
Threatening-looking weather ahead!
And here's what it looked like on our radar.  
Sure enough, rain (and wind) were waiting
for us up ahead.
This was the state of our dinghy on arrival in Nassau!
(The red circle shows the failed bridal wire crimp.)
Fortunately, I was able to lash it up for the trip in.  
And, the gas tank and anchor were tied down, so no
permanent damage done.
Docked next to a big South African cat at Nassau Yacht Haven.
May 18, 19, 20, 21 - Stayed in Nassau - at NYH
       Waiting for 15-20 kt NE winds to calm down,
   but great weather for walking around, a brisk 78°!
Walked over the bridge to Paradise I. - v commercial!
I assume this bus takes you to a boat?  But maybe if you
start drinking on the bus, you'll never know the difference!
Potter's Cay from the bridge.  Nassau Yacht Haven in the distance.
Hurricane Hole Yacht Basin on Paradise I.  This used to be the
expensive place to stay, but now Atlantis has taken that honor with
dockage at 6.50/ft/nt!  (Nassau Ycht Hrbr is $2.00.)  That little boat
in the foreground is the 171-ft "Kiss the Sky" - comfortable
accommodations for 12 guests!
The Atlantis complex on Paradise Island.
"Long Aweighted" at the Atlantis Marina.  Her tender has
twin 150-hp Yamahas, more power than
Sno' Dog!
She was keeping an eye
on us - and we were
keeping an eye on her!
The well-lit casino at Atlantis - one of the places you could enter with no admission charges.
Selfie in the mirror inside the ornate Atlantis compound.
Nancy was happy to find that the Bahama Hand Prints store was
still in business since we last visited some 25 years ago!
Colorful store in the Atlantis compound.
May 22 - Nancy flew out this AM on
BahamasAir - direct to West Palm Beach.
11:00 AM - dep
Nassau - NYH marina
3:30 PM -
Frazer's Hog Cay, Berry Is.
                Mooring at Berry Is. Club
           Today: 30.0 nm - 4.6 eng hrs
       Pleasant cruise, wind ENE 10-12
Improv & Alaska Gypsea showed up here too.
Sunset view from our slip - last night in Nassau.
I think that's a mail boat - certainly not a female!
Heading out...  Nassau twin bridges, Potter's Cay on left, cruise ship ahead.  Good bye, Nassau.
For a while, the horizon dissapeared completely - like flying IFR!
Unbelievably smooth crossing of the Bahama banks.
Sunrise at Frazer's Hog Cay.  Bodes well for a smooth crossing.
May 23 - 8:00 AM - off mooring
           8:30 AM -.psg Chub Cay
           9:50 AM - NW Chnl Wpt,
                     enter shallow "Banks"
          3:00 PM - Arr
South Bimini
   40 gal fuel at Bimini Sands Marina
 3:30 PM - anchored in Nixon's Hrbr
Heron, Improv, Alaska Gypsea,
Gusto & PDQ Freedom.  
  (All marinas in Bimini full due to
       Memorial Day Weekend.)
        Today: 84.6 nm - 7.6 eng hrs
          Amazingly calm, no wind!
May 24 - 7:15 AM - anchor up in South Bimini
                       all other PDQ's already gone!
Set course a bit west to get to the Gulf Stream faster.
    Wind NW 5-10 kts, gradually shifting to E 12-12 kts
         12 noon - psg Lk Worth inlet, Riviera Bch.
           1:45 PM - enter St Lucie inlet
           2:20 PM - Arr:
Jensen Beach, Florida
Nettles I. Marina
           Checked in by phone using Local Boater's Option.
           Today: 105.7 nm - 7.4 eng hrs - Ave spd:
14.3 kts
Chart plotter shows an SOG (speed over ground) of 18 kts!
If you look carefully, you can see we altered course slightly to
maximize our time in the Gulf Stream.  At times, we were getting
a 3-knot boost - our normal cruising speed (at 2900 rpm) is about
15 knots.  Our average speed from Bimini to the dock in Jensen
Beach was 14.3 knots!
This thing came flying by at about 35 knots. It appeared to be
on a line from Ft Lauderdale to Freeport, Grand Bahama..
Quite a trip!  Despite the unusually windy weather for this time
of year, we were able to have a wonderful cruise.  Our Gulf
Stream crossings were incredibly smooth - in both directions.
It was fun to have so many like-minded cruisers out there to
share the adventure.  Thank you Dick & Carol and Beth of
Rhumb Line Yacht Sales for all your organizational work!
More photos of the Exumas Expedition can also be found on
Rhumb Line Yacht Sales Facebook page.
1) Nettles I. to Cave Cay: 405.5 nm - 51.4 eng hrs
2) Cave Cay back to NI:  307.5 nm - 31.6 eng hrs
. Total: 713 nm - 83 eng hrs - ave spd: 8.6 kts
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