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Boat designer/builder Sam Devlin (with his wife, Soitza) out for run in their new Pelicano 18  Bass Boat.  In the
background, a
Pelicano 18 Shrimper model.  A 70-HP outboard powers these boats comfortably at 20+ knots.
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First came Adeline-the-dog,
As you may know, we put the
KELINA on the market last fall.  
(After 3 fun years we decided it was
more boat than we really needed for
the short New England boating
season.  Plus, as a 15-year-old boat
with lots of brightwork, she did
require a lot of maintenance.)
After a couple of inquiries, we
received a call from the builder of
KELINA, Sam Devlin who
asked if we would be interested in
trading her for a new smaller boat
- which he would build to our
specs and deliver to the
Boatbuilder's Show in March 2015.
Big and small...  Our KELINA with a Devlin Pelicano 18 Photoshopped in for comparison.
A drawing I made based on Devlin's Pelicano 18 Bass Boat.  I stretched her to 20 feet for a larger cockpit.
And this is the drawing that Sam sent me a few days ago of our new 20-foot Pelicano - to be named Adeline.
Click here to read Sam Devlin's comments on the Pelicano 18 design.
(Ours will be a slightly stretched version - as shown above, and below:
A mid-February build photo from Devlin....
Here's my latest (Photoshopped) image of what I think the new Adeline might look like.    Revised 04/01/2015
Looks promising, but...   Not looking as though she'll be
ready in time for the Maine Boatbuilders Show in March.
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.         Florida West Coast Trip
I'm now thinking an early-May delivery
date is more realistic.  I've agreed to take
her to the
Wooden Boat Show at Mystic
Seaport on June 26-28, 2015.
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.    End of Florida West Coast Trip
The latest from Sam...   Sent in early March.  Ready for her first
coat of primer.   (This is the first stern view I've seen.)
Painted Hull - another update from Sam...   Sent March 24, 2015.
    (Also, a plywood pattern for the windshield, I assume.)
Finally! The Adeline splashes!
(No more Photoshopped images.)
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.    Sea Trials in WA and trip back to NH
May 2015
Another in early March...
    See  Adeline  Build-Photos - Pg 1
. Sam Devlin gave me a whole set of build-
. photos for Adeline, I've posted a few here:
. Links to our PDQ Powercat "Sno' Dog" pages...
In case you're wondering why I might have chosen a Devlin in the first place, check out this photo
from the Devlin website:
www.devlinboat.com/32nd_WBF.php.  Taken at the Wooden Boat Festival in
Port Townsend, Washington in September, 2008.  
Five Devlin 22-footers in a row (!) at the Wooden Boat Festival in Port Townsend, WA
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