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The 2015 Wooden Boat Show at Mystic Seaport in Mystic, Connecticut  -  Adeline visible at right.
On June 25th we took the Adeline
to the
Wooden Boat Show in Mystic.
On the way south we picked up Sam
and his wife, Soitza in Boston.  
Arriving at the Mystic Seaport, we
immediately launched the
Adeline and
readied her for the show. Sam was able
to slip her into a prime viewing spot at
the entrance to the floating docks.
Certainly many beautiful boats here, but
Adeline really stood out!  (We heard
later she was named "Best in Show" by
Wooden Boat Magazine.)
Adeline in a prime spot, ready for the start of the show.
Ready for launch in Mystic - Sam explaining his latest creation.
A happy man and his boat!  (Photo by Barry Watrous)
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.    Our new boat begins to take shape
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Adeline showing well at the Wooden Boat Show at the Mystic Seaport.
Sneaking under under the 6-ft high Mystic RR bridge.
Waiting for the Mystic Bridge - couldn't quite squeeze under at high tide.
Schooner Brilliant heading through the Mystic Bridge
Before heading home on Monday, I took the
Adeline out for a 2-hour spin in Long Island
Sound, it was a beautiful day.
Approaching Latimer Shoal Light off Fishers Island in L.I. Sound.
Noank Lighthouse at the entrance to the Mystic River.
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. Launch, Sea Trials & Trip back to NH
Taking advantage of the beautiful weather
over the 4th of July weekend, we launched
Adeline at Great Bay Marina (in Newington,
NH) and headed upstream on the Piscataqua
River.  We then turned left into the (well
marked) Cocheco River channel and made our
way all the way to downtown Dover.  Just
past George's Marina, we found a welcoming
floating dock marked "Visitor Parking" and
right next door, a friendly waterside restaurant
Castaways. Even better, they were very
dog-friendly (unlike
Lexie's Landing at Great
Bay which has suddendly closed its outdoor
tables to dogs).  See a Map of our route below.
View from the helm heading up the Piscataqua River towards Dover, NH
Adeline-the-dog aboard Adeline-the-boat!
Happy Henry at the helm.     Photo by Nancy.
Lunch at Castaway's Boat House in Dover, NH.
A great place to visit by boat - and dog-friendly!
A modest waterfront cottage along the banks of the Piscataqua near Dover.
July 2015...
Red, Right, Returning!  Our new Welcome Buoys
                          at 21 Madison St.  
           Click on photo to get the full effect!
If you're not familiar with this part of coastal New Hampshire, this map of the Greater Portsmouth area might help:
Click on map to view a larger image...
Map showing the waterways inland from Portsmouth, and our route (in red) from Great Bay Marina to the town of Dover.
There's a large amount of navigable water inland from Portsmouth.  Coming from the Ocean, you enter the
mouth of the Pisacataqua River at New Castle and make your way upriver to Portsmouth Harbor - home of the
Portsmouth Naval Shipyard.  Ocean-going ships can continue under the three bridges as far as Newington, NH.
Smaller boats can continue up the Piscataqua River to Eliot and South Berwick, ME and up the Cocheco River to
Dover, NH - as we just did in
Adeline. It is also possible to take a small boat up through Great Bay to Durham,
Newmarket, Greenland and Newfields.  Last year, we took the
KELINA to Newmarket on more than one occasion.  
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