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Adeline's Summer Adventures
View from the deck of brother Kit's Sleepers Island cottage on Lake Winnipesaukee near Alton Bay, NH
Adeline at the dock - and in the background the impressive 230-foot M/S Mount Washington.
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.  Pointe-au-Baril, Georgian Bay, Ontario
August 15 - Took Adeline (and Addie) to Lk Winnipesaukee,
launched her at
West Alton Marina in Alton Bay, NH and headed
out to my brother Kit's summer cabin on Sleeper's Island.
An excellent weekend including a boat tour of the lake, a flight
over the lake (in Kit's ultralight floatplane) and good food & drink.
Addie swimming - not too happy about it,
all she wanted to do was to get back to land!
View from the deck, Adeline at the dock, Nancy reading.
Flying over the lake in Kit's Air
Creation ultralight floatplane.
                                   Photo by Nancy
Happy Henry at the helm.
Arriving back on the ramp
after a 45-minute flight.
Adeline-the-boat in the
Waving good-bye to Kit & Noele as we depart Sunday evening.                       Photo by Kit Clews
Looking back at Kit & Noele's Sleeper's Island cottage as we depart.
Next week, we plan to take Adeline (and Addie) to Peak's Island
off Portland, Maine for visit with my daughter, Meg and her family.
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