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Adeline in Casco Bay, MAINE
The Peaks Island Marina, focus of all marine activities here.  Adeline is docked to the right next to the red boat.
Visible in the background, about three miles away, is the City of Portland.
A Map showing some of Adeline's adventures during our week in Maine...
Casco Bay offers exceptional cruising possibilities.  If it's windy, you can find protected waters inside the islands.
In addition to the routes shown above, we also visited Fort Georges, we went over to Falmouth
Forside, circumnavigated Great Chebeague, went out to Jewell Island and out to Portland Head Light -
not to mention numerous trips into downtown Portland.
Portland Head Light - caught in a flash as the fog rolled in.  We could hear the fog horn from our Peaks I. cottage.
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.        Adeline in Maine - Part 1
At the water taxi dock, next to the Ferry Terminal, in downtown Portland.
Meeting Meg, Paul, Eva & Rose in downtown Portland.
Meg at the helm - behind the pilings along the Portland waterfront.
            Rare wolf sighting in Portland!  
(An art installation, many more in background.)
Amphibious Duck-Boat touring Portland Harbor - not the most scenic area!
(The folks on the sailboat will get better scenery as they head out into Casco Bay.)
Fort Georges - as seen from Portland Harbor.
Another beaching!  On the sandbar, at low tide, at Fort Georges.
Fort Georges entrance - with many warning signs!
Eva adding to the scenery at the highest point on Fort Georges
        Boats on the sandbar as seen from the top of the Fort.
(The other boat was stuck there - waiting for the tide to come in!)
Daughter Meg, son Leithan (who came out for a short
visit from his new home in Biddeford) and son-in-law
Paul Nakroshis.
Nancy and Addie heading down the "road" from "The Perch"
A rare picture of Nancy smiling aboard Adeline.  Handy's
Boat Service in Falmouth Foreside in the background.
Nancy & Addie waiting patiently for our return.
Meg and Paul enjoying the moonlight ride back from our dinner cruise.
A last look at Portland Head Light, without fog, as we head back to S. Portland on our final day.
(See Map at top of page
for location and route.)
A through-the-windshield
look at Spring Point Ledge
Lighthouse as we head back
into Portland Harbor and
up-river to South Port Marina
for a haul-out and a one-hour
drive home to Portsmouth,
Click on photo to see larger, marked image...
Click on the Map to see a larger image...
In this photo you can also
see the excellent image
provided by our Mercury
Vessel-View 7 chartplotter.
(Click on photo for a
larger look.)
What's next?  We're planning to head back to Maine for a
Labor Day family reunion in the Ellsworth / Blue Hill area.
Another Happy Nancy photo - in Portland Harbor.
Eva, Addie & Rose at the South Port Marina.
The panoramic water view from our table at the Dolphin Marina & Restaurant in South Harpswell.
Dinner at the Dolphin Marina & Restaurant in S. Harpswell.
Rose looking glamorous at the
     Dolphin Restaurant.
This gorgeous boat was docked at the Dolphin Marina.
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