Nancy and Addie walking in the shady beach-front town of Gulfport, FL
February 2015 - Page 3
FL West Coast Cruise - con'd.
Feb 27 - 10:45 AM - Dep St Petersburg - wind NNE 15
           12:30 PM - Arr:
Gulfport - Muni Marina
                          Today: 13.1 nm  -  1.6 eng hrs
Fortunately, we made it back to the boat before this tropical downpour in Gulfport.
Not sure the meaning of this sign?  It appeared
     to be pointing toward a private house!
Addie taking refuge in her cage during a choppy
                        crossing of Tampa Bay.
Ferocious silver dragon on Gulfport roof.
Feb 28 - more Rain in AM
         12 noon - Dep
Gulfport - took shortcut
                         under 17-ft fixed bridge
          3:00 PM - Arr:
Sarasota - Marina Jack's
                         Today: 29.6 nm  -  3.0 eng hrs
Dinner at
Mosaic Restaurant downtown - Excellent!
Heading toward a fixed bridge showing 17-ft clearance.  This is why we like
to be able to fold down our mast.  Click on photo see larger image.
Mouse-over photo to see the view from stern after We Made it Through!
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Mar 4 - Stayed in Sanibel - Biked with Griggs'.
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.        FL West Coast Cruise, Con'd.
March 1st - Stayed in Sarasota
Mar 2nd - Breakfast with Corindia's @ First Watch
            11:30 AM - Dep
              1:20 PM - Passing Venice
              2:30 PM - Arr:
Englewood - Royal Palm Mar.
                                Today 23.7 nm  -  3.1 eng hrs
Le Barge - a Sarasota party boat complete with live palm trees!
   (The overal height of this boat increases every year!)
This squirrel in the waterfront park in Sarasota
kept taunting Addie, it appeared to have no fear!
Passing the Venice Inlet...  The Crows's Nest Marina and Restaurant are visible in the distance.
Another pretty sunset at the Royal Palm Marina in Englewood.
An almost-full moon - hand-held tele-photo
      taken from the deck of
Sno' Dog.
Mar 3 - 10:30 AM - Dep Englewood
           12:00 - noon - Boca Grande Swing Bridge
             2:30 PM - Arr:
Sanibel - Sanibel Marina
                            Met Harvey & Sue Griggs aboard
                                  PDQ-34 "
Cats Away"
                               Today 38.1 nm  -  4.3 eng hrs
                                    Dinner @ Gramma Dot's
Passed this apparently heavily-loaded PDQ "Authenticy" slogging
along at about 10 knots - not an efficient speed for a PDQ-34.
The Sanibel Thriller emerging from Sanibel Marina.  Twin
Yanmar 430's propel this powercat at over 40 knots.
Mar 5 - 10:15 AM - Dep Sanibel
             1:45 PM - Arr:
Ft Myers, Muni Ycht Basin
                            Today: 15.2 nm  -  2.4 eng hrs
            Went to play "
Facinatin Gershwin", v good
Mar 6 - 10:15 AM - Dep Ft Myers
          11:30 AM - Franklin Lck, 1:45 PM Ortona Lck
            3:15 PM - Arr:
Moore Haven City Dock
                            Today: 45.3 nm  -  4.6 eng hrs
          Dinner at Antojito's Mex Restaurant - again!
Mar 7 - Chilly 58°, wind NNE 15-20 kts
        8:45 AM - Dep Moore Haven
        9:15 AM - out of Moore Haven Lock
       10:00 AM - Psg Clewiston - out into Lake
        Headed toward Rim Rte @ Bacom Pt, but
little relief from chop with 15-20 kt NNE winds
    12:00 noon - Pt Mayaca Lock
    12:45 PM - stopped at Indiantown for lunch
     2:45 PM - through St Lucie Lock
     4:30 PM - Arr:
Jensen Beach, Nettles Island
                        Today: 75.1 nm  -  6.9 eng hrs
                                      Home again!  
                             See Trip Summary below...
Nancy walking Addie at the impressive
road entrance to Sanibel Marina.
Sue &
Griggs and
playing with
their laptops
Sno' Dog.
The busy Sanibel Pier - Sanibel Lighthouse in the background.
A sociable African Gray parrot at Jerry's
Supermarket in downtown Sanibel.
Sunset at the Ft Myers City Yacht Basin.
Sno' Dog at the conveniently-located Ft Myers Yacht Basin.
Port Mayaca Lock on the east side of Lake Okeechobee.  Happy to be here after a choppy crossing.
Very happy to have an inside steering position during this
rain squall along the St Lucie canal.
Fortunately, the rain let up as we arrived at the St Lucie Lock.
A large number of Opti saiboats on their way home after a regatta in Jensen Beach.
Another excellent Sno' Dog cruise...
In three weeks
we covered
417 nautical miles and put on
51.5 engines hours.
average speed was 8.1 knots.
Total fuel consumption was 120 gallons
or about 2.3 gallons/hour.
We bought fresh red snapper from this boat in Ft Myers - excellent!
Nancy under a bottle-brush tree in Moore Haven.
Sunset (with large tree) in downtown Moore Haven.
"Drive Thru Package" -  local color in Moore Haven.
Fancy cars go with fancy boats.
(Mouse-over for a front view)
Click on photo for larger image.
We did have some chilly weather (34° in Ft Myers), lots of fog and
a bit rain, but the
Sno' Dog took it all in stride.  Adeline-the-dog gained
her sea legs - with no incidents except for a bout of
crossing Lake Okeechobee on the on the last day of the trip.
High points were rendezvous with friends in Englewood, Sarasota,
St. Petersburg and Sanibel.  We also loved the two plays we saw at
Florida Repertory Theatre in Ft. Myers. All-in-all, a leisurely and
relaxed cruise - with no mechanical problems whatsoever!
Gulfport, FL
The name
says it all!

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