January 2015 -
Sno' Dog in Florida
Adeline-the-dog following in the footsteps of Madison aboard the Sno' Dog.
January 23rd - Headed to the South Fork of the St. Lucie
River (in the backwaters of Stuart, FL) to the annual PDQ
Open House and Rendezvous along with first mate,
Addie.  (Nancy was in Arizona at a quilt show.)
This was Addies's first time aboard Sno' Dog
and she was pretty skeptical at first.
A not-too-happy-looking dog!
But, by the time we arrived at Stuart Yacht Harbour,
Addie was starting to act a lot like her predecessor,
Madison.  (As in photo at top of page.)
Sno' Dog along with about 10 other PDQ's at the PDQ Open House & Rendezvous in Stuart on January 24th.
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Meanwhile, back in New Hampshire...
My brother, Kit sent me this photo of our Portsmouth, NH "Summer House" - over 4 feet of snow!
(I'm hoping we don't need to get that car out of our driveway anytime soon!)