July 2015  -  Page 1  
A beautiful afternoon for a cruise on Casco Bay - at 17.6 kts!   Grandkids Hal and Neddy on bow.
Taking advantage of Adeline's easy trailerabilty,
we headed to Maine for three mini-adventures.  In
Portland we visited my son Henry, in Blue Hill my
daughter Charlotte and in Dexter, Nancy's parents
who have a summer cottage on Lake Wassookaeg.
Our first beaching!  At Vail Island (near Long Island) on Casco Bay.
Docked at "Sail Maine" near Portland's Eastern Promenade.
Picking up Mary at the Portland ferry docks for our dinner
excursion to Great Diamond Island in Casco Bay.
(Another first...  A nighttime cruise in Adeline.  Here, we are
returning to downtown Portland after (an excellent) dinner at
the Diamond's Edge Restaurant at
The Inn at Diamond Cove.
Adeline in Maine
Our next stop was Blue Hill, ME where we launched the
boat at the
Kollegewidgwok Yacht Club at the head of
Blue Hill Bay - home of my daughter,
Charlotte Clews.
At the KYC dock, Blue Hill mountain in the background.
Harbor seals on a rock in Blue Hill Bay, Blue Hill in background.
Granddaughters Lucy and Georgia on the bow.
Georgia at the helm - coached by Capn Henry.
Click on photos for larger image...
Our final stop was Dexter, ME home of Nancy's parents
who have a summer cottage on Lake Wassookeag.
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Nancy and Adeline-the-dog waiting for arrival of her parents.
Dean & Belle McKusick at the dock on Lk Wassookeag, Dexter, ME
Cruising on Little Lake Wassookeag in Dexter, ME
Loons on Lk Wassookeag, Belle said she's seen as many as 8 together.
Addie checking out the ducks in front of the McKusick's camp.
Dean & Belle checking out their Dexter cottage- visible in background.
Back in Portsmouth, my latest project was to install a
swim platform (with folding step) on the stern of
In storage mode at Great Bay Marina - waiting for the next adventure!
Adeline's new, varnished teak swim platform!
Stay tuned for our next adventure!  We plan to take Adeline to Canada  -
                   to explore
Georgian Bay - in the coming weeks...
Adeline-the-boat & Adeline-the-dog, along with Nancy & Henry - at McKusick's lakeside camp in Dexter, ME
Photo by Belle McKusick
(This is much cheaper than renting a slip.  Last year's slip for KELINA at
GBM cost over $3,500 - and winter storage was $2,400!)
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