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Adeline in Georgian Bay
    Ontario, Canada
Dusk at the Griggs' complex near Pointe-au-Baril, Georgian Bay, Ontario, Canada  - Look carefully for Addie!
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.            Adeline in Maine
21 July 2015 - With Adeline-the-boat in tow, and
Adeline-the-dog in the car, we headed west and north
toward the wilds (and cooler weather) of CANADA.  
Our destination was the accessible-by-boat-only summer
cottage of Harvey and Sue Griggs near Pointe-au-Baril in
the Georgian Bay section of Lake Huron - a mere 760
miles by road from Portsmouth, NH.  Fortunately, the
Adeline tows very nicely behind our little Toyota
Highlander, although gas millage drops to about 15 mpg.
We launched the boat at Leisure Bay Marina,
the closest road-accessible point to the Griggs'
Pointe-au-Baril, Georgian Bay cottage.
Unpacking Addie and our bags at the Griggs' dock.
(Click on photo for a closer look at Addie-the-dog.)
Adeline-the-boat in front of the Griggs' guest cottage.
Diner with Harvey & Sue - a dining room with a spectacular view!
Addie, unlike our previous Norwich Terrier, loves the water!
Addie thought this place was heaven!  She ran free (no leash)
during our entire visit.  She also slept very soundly at night!
Addie's first experience in a hammock - not her favorite thing!
My first experience in a Hobie pedal-kayak, definitely a favorite thing!
(For a Map showing the location of Georgian Bay, Click Here.)
An exhausted Addie!
For an Adeline boating adventure, we headed south some 30
miles through the archipelago of 10,000 islands to the tiny
town of Snug Harbour. Here, we were able to dock at Gilly's
Restaurant for an excellent lunch.  As you can see in the
photos below, it was a cool, cloudy day with occasional rain
showers.  We made good use of our full cockpit enclosure.
On our way to Snug Harbour - Harvey navigating with his iPad.
On the return trip, Snug Harbour Lighthouse in the background.
At Gilly's dock in Snug Harbour.  Adeline closed in against the rain.
Another outing took us to the Art Show
opening at the
Ojibway Club, quite the
impresive place. It was a grand hotel built
at the turn of the 20th century by a railroad
baron.  Visitors came by train to
Pointe-au-Baril Station then by steamship
to the hotel.  Now, no longer a hotel, it
serves as a focal point for the summer
residents with its central location in the
midst of the the 10,000 islands.
Arriving at the impressive Ojibway Club - just in time for the Art Show Opening.
The Pointe-au-Baril Lighthouse is an obligatory
destination for boaters in the area.  A woman who
lived here with her husband and children for 35 years
still gives tours and bakes bread for the tourists.
The barrel on Point-au-Baril (Barrel Point) marked the
entrance to the 5-mile channel into Point-au-Baril Station.
Pointe-au-Baril Lighthouse.
Pointe-au-Baril Lighthouse as seen from Adeline.
This summer, Toronto was the site of the Pan-Am Games.  Canada
made a very impressive showing - 2nd overall, I think.  Here, Sue and
Harvey are watching the closing ceremonies - via Bell satellite TV.
Adeline-the-dog taking a last look at Adeline-the-boat
on our last evening in Pointe-au-Baril.
Returning to the USA at the Lewiston, NY (near Niagra Falls) border crossing.  
Fortunately, only a 10-minute wait - and no issues with boat or dog!
Nancy & I and Adeline & Adeline spent a
most enjoyable four days visiting Harvey &
Sue at their lovely waterfront cottage on
Georgian Bay.  Even though we were miles
from the nearest store, we managed to
enjoy delicious gourmet dinners every night
- in a beautiful setting overlooking the Bay.
On our way south, we stopped by the (impresive) home of
PDQ gurus, James & Jackie Power near Midland, ON.
Click on this MAP to see our route from
Portsmouth, NH to Pointe-au-Baril, ON.
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.       Mystic, CT & Dover, NH
If you look closely at our (Mercury Vessel View 7) chartplotter,
you'll see we have excellent detail of the local waters -
certainly desirable in this area! (I installed the Navionics
"MSD/2XG Canada & SE Alaska" chip before heading north.)
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