October 2015  -  New Hampshire Fall Color
Along the Chocorua Mountain Highway (Rte 16) near Center Ossipee, NH.  Our red car fits right in.
October is certainly
a pretty month in
New Hampshire.
Besides a few scenic
drives to the
mountains, we took
Adeline on several
small adventures.
One of these was
right here in
Portsmouth to my
brother's new
waterfront home on
Little Harbor, a
branch of the
Piscataqua River.
Arriving by boat (with a bottle of Champagne) at Kit and Noele's new waterfront property in Portsmouth.
Addie checking out the view of Adeline-the-boat from Kit's living-room window.
We also journeyed to brother Kit's lake-front
cottage on Sleepers Island on Lake Winnipesaukee
for a last flight and to help him pack up his
ultralight float plane for the winter.
Kit flying his Air Creation ultralight float-plane
               over Lake Winnipesaukee.
Docked at at Shibley's at the Pier in Alton Bay, NH
Pilot's-eye view of approach to our lunch stop at Shibley's at the Pier.
(The restaurant is the green-roofed building just above the row of
docked boats.)
Click on photos to view larger image.
We made a low pass alongside the 230-ft M/V Mt Washington tour boat.
Kit & Noele next to his folded-up seaplane.
At Prescott Park in downtown Portsmouth, NH.  Portsmouth Naval Shipyard (in Kittery, ME) in the background.
                     This was one of our last outings before puting
Adeline away for the winter.
On the Goose Pond Road near Canaan, NH - en-route to
our "Goose Bump" cottage and garage.
Adeline at the "Boat Drop Off" at Island Marine Service
in Kittery, ME - awaiting Mercury service and winterization.
The driveway at "Goose Bump".  Goose Pond in the background.
Backing up to the "Goose Bump" garage.  The mural on the door was painted 20 years ago
by my daughter, Charlotte.  It is a (very accurate) depiction of our Rosborough 246
at anchor in Baddeck, Nova Scotia. (Click here to see the original painting circa 1995.)
Adeline ready for her long winter's nap in our "Goose Bump" garage.
Map of the 2015 summer Travels of Adeline.  The blue circles show some of our destinations.  Click on the map to see a larger version.
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As the summer season draws
to a close
, I can say we have
certainly enjoyed the versatility of
our new little
There's a lot to be said for
 Servicing &
winterizing the boat this fall cost
$200 - instead of $2000 for our
previous boat.  And winter
storage (in our own garage) will
be free - see photo on right.
Finally, for the fun of it, I put
together a map showing some
of the far-flung
Travels of
Adeline.  We did cover some
ground!  (See below.)
In fact, we used her much more
than the larger, non-trailerable
(and much more expensive)

Adeline has proven to be the
perfect boat for us to share
adventures with our children,
grandchildren - and even
Nancy's parents!
.  Note: We plan to head south in November. Expect
.         Sno' Dog entries to resume in December -
.                      from sunny Florida!
According to our trusty Vessel View 7,
Total Engine Time this season on our
trusty 115 Merc is:
57 hrs 26 min.
Total Distance Travelled (by water):
454.7 mi;  Total Fuel used: 80.9 gal.  
It also says that our Average Speed was
7.9 mph, and our Average Fuel Burn
was a mere
1.41 gph.  
This also means our Average Millage
5.6 mpg.  Not too shabby for such
a great little speedboat!
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