September 2015  -  Page 1
Family Get-Together in Maine
Early morning mist - from the deck of our "Loon's Nest" camp on Branch Lake near Ellsworth, Maine
Branch Lake Sunrise
Over Labor Day
we brought
together (almost all) the
members of the Henry
Clews side of the family
for a reunion in
Downeast Maine.
My eldest son, Henry,
his wife Mary and their
children, Hal (14) &
Neddy (12); my eldest
daughter Meg, her
husband Paul and their
two daughters, Eva (13)
& Rose (10); and my
daughter, Charlotte, her
husband Jerome and
their two daughters Lucy
(9) and Georgia (7).
On Saturday, we
gathered on Mt Desert
Island and hiked to the
top of Bald Peak, then
we went to the Asticou
Inn in Northeast Harbor
for lunch & popovers.
.          On Bald Peak...  Hadlock Pond, Northeast Harbor and the Atlantic Ocean in the background.  
From left to right: Georgia, Eva, Jerome, Lucy, Charlotte, Meg, Rose, Paul, Hal, Henry, Mary & Neddy.
Lunch for 14 at the Asticou Inn -
which is beautifully situated
overlooking Northeast Harbor.
Meg and Paul (awaiting popovers) at the Asticou Inn.
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On Sunday, we
gathered at our family
camp, "Loon's Nest"
on Branch Lake near
Ellsworth, ME.
Son Alex/Henry
brought his Boston
Whaler and a Laser
sailboat and Meg &
Charlotte brought a
canoe and multiple
inflatable water toys.
Meg & Paul on the dock, Nina-the-dog watching.  Multiple water toys available.
Nina and Addie watching the activities - a bit nervously.
Ready for a high-speed tube ride.  Meg asserting her right-of-way in the Laser.
Addie cooling off in the lake.
Charlotte watching the activities - and showing off her strong back!
Georgia giving Addie a swimming lesson.
Alex - aka Henry A. Clews - waterskiing.
Georgia serenading us with her violin.
Nancy and Addie watching from the deck.
Rose, Lucy, Hal, Geogia & Eva cooking marshmellows.
Charlotte trying to catch fire!
Friendly neighbor, Ralph Whedon, took us for a sunset ride in
his pontoon boat.
Georgia & Addie resting after a long day.  (Not
sure how Taylor Swift slipped into this picture.)
Another evening serenade by Georgia around the campfire.
The welcoming sign at the front door of Loon's Nest.
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Branch Lake activities continued into Monday - when Alex & I spent a considerable
anount of time touring the (10-mile long) lake in search of one of the kayaks which
drifted off overnight.  Happily, we found it - on the far side of the lake!
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