September 2015  -  Page 2
Celebrating Nancy's Birthday and the
Autumnal Equinox in northern Maine.
Lake Wassookaeg Sunset
Sunset on Little Wassookaeg Lake in front of Belle & Dean McKusick's camp in Dexter, Maine
In celebration of Nancy's
birthday and the Autumnal
(which fall on the
same day this year) we trailed
Adeline north to Dexter, ME.  
We picked up Nancy's mother,
Belle and step-father, Dean and
headed north another 40 miles
to Greenville where we found
an excellent boat ramp (next to
the seaplane base) in West Cove.
The late-day sun on the far side of Little Wassookaeg Lake as seen from the McKusick's camp
Launching Adeline into Moosehead Lake near Greenville, ME.
The Seaplane base was next to the boat launch area -
                                in West Cove.
Heading out into Moosehead Lake from West Cove.
Belle, Dean & Nancy with the MV Katahdin tour boat
               taking on passengers in downtown Greenville.
We stopped for lunch at Kelly's Landing - that's Adeline at the dock under flag.
Heading out into Moosehead Lake at speed.
 (Note Addie in the lower right corner.)
Looking northwest across Moosehead Lake.  A seaplane is taking off at right - and at the far left, that little blue mountain in the
                                                                         distance is Mt. Katahdin - some 45 miles away!
Heading north toward Mt. Kineo which, from a distance
                 looks like the Rock of Gilbraltar!
Arriving at Mt. Kineo - some 20 miles
              north of Greenville.
Nancy, the M/V Katahdin and Mount Katahdin
               all in the same picture!
It was a beautiful day out on the lake.    
Today's log showed 40.8 miles - our longest
day's run to-date in
Adeline.  For much of
the trip we were able to cruise at 25 mph.
(Total fuel consumption was a mere 7.4 gal.)
Addie watching a chipmunk - back at the
           McKusick camp in Dexter.
Belle checking her e-mail back at the West
Cove boat ramp after a long day's outing.
Here's what Addie was watching...   (Belle puts food for him on the table.)
 On today's cruise we saw
more seaplanes than boats!
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Another excellent Adeline outing!  We are
enjoying the ability to take this boat whereevr
we want by road.  She trails easily at 70-mph
behind our 2008 Toyota Highlander.
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27 September - Back in Portsmouth...
Super-moon eclipse.  (Hand-held photo from
the middle of Madison Street in Portsmouth.)
Approaching Kit & Noele's new house at 67 Ridges Ct. on Little Harbor.
We will now be able to visit Kit & Noele by boat!  Click on photo for a closer view of their new house.
On Monday, September 28 we celebrated Kit &
Noele's purchase of
67 Ridges Court, a
l waterfront property in Portsmouth.
(See photos.) Then we headed up to Dover for
lunch at the Castaways Restaurant.
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