Winter in Florida
   2015 - 2016
Nettles Island, Hutchinson Island, Jensen Beach, Florida
View from the Community Center at Nettles Island - where we go on a daily basis to pick up our mail.
With Adeline-the-Boat safely stored for
the winter (see
October 2015) we headed
south to our Nettles Island winter aboad and
Sno' Dog who was waiting for us at her
summer storage location in Stuart, FL.
Sno' Dog as she spent the summer at American Custom Yachts in Stuart, FL
As in past years, we brought her back to her
winter berth at
Nettles Island Marina - only a
one-minute walk from our Nettles Island house!
Nancy's mother, Belle & husband, Dean on our first outing.
Addie checking out the pelicans lined-up along the Nettles Island causeway.
Nancy's sister Cheryl with Addie & Nancy aboard Sno' Dog.
So far, in December & January, it's been mostly
short day trips.  A favorite destination is the
Bar in Jensen Beach for lunch.  In February, we're
planning a trip to the Florida West Coast.
Since this photo was taken
Christmas Eve, I decided
to turn our cushions
for a Christmasy effect!
Taking Addie for a walk across the Nettles Island Bridge is one of our favorite late afternoon activities.
                                                                   Sometimes we go as far as the beach.
Addie attempting to destroy a coconut on the Hutchinson Island beach.
Addie checking out the (windy) Atlantic beach across from Nettles I.
Addie running with the big dogs on a windy day at the beach.
A traffic jam in front of our Nettles Island house
in preparation for the
Christmas Parade.
Last year, we decided to buy the vacant lot next to our #1300 house - partly to protect the pretty water view to the SE.
                                 This is a look at the two adjoining properties as they appeared on January 1, 2016
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And then...  this happened...
We decided to build a new house on Lot 1299!
Groundbeaking Day!  Taking up a portion of the concrete pad.
Part of the 1299 lot falls within the recently-declared FEMA Flood Zone which
means the living area must be raised at least 6 above ground level.  We decided
to make it 8 feet, so we'll have space to walk (and drive) underneath.  The house
will rest on 19 "auger-cast"  pilings.  In the photo above, the crew is assembling
the 36-ft-long steel "cages" that will go down inside the concrete pilings.
Nancy checking out the view at what we expect
 will be the floor level of our new house.
Drilling for the 32-foot-deep auger-cast pilings.
First they drill a 32-ft deep, 14-in diameter hole,
then they pump concrete down through the hollow
drill bit as they pull it up.  After that, they lower a
steel re-bar reinforcing cage into the wet concrete.
Twin cement trucks feeding the pressure pump which supplies the drill.
    (We needed two trucks because there's a 10-ton weight limit
                   on the Nettles Island Causeway bridge.)
Our builder, James Newman (of JWN Construction) - with a copy
of the plans under his arm - directing the operation.  (Note the
port and starboard "Welcome Buoys" in front of our 1300 house.
With gusts over 40 knots overnight, we woke up to
find one of our “Welcome Buoys” had taken a hike.
In anticipation of our move, it appears to have
relocated itself approximately where it will be
hanging once our new house is completed!
Here is the scene as of mid-January.  The white
buckets are covering the steel re-bar spikes
protruding from the auger-cast pilings.  (These
stick up enough to engage with the columns which
will be poured above ground using Sonotubes.)
James brought over this Permit Box complete with
"Beware of Dog" sign.  We're not sure if it was a joke
- but Addie's taking it quite seriously!
. Stay tuned for further progress reports - as well as news of our West Coast cruise on Sno' Dog.
Click on photos to view larger size.
(You might recognize those "Welcome Buoys"
from last summer's photo at 21 Madison St in
Portsmouth, NH.  
Click Here for a close-up.)
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