February 2016 - Page 2  -   Florida West Coast Cruise, Con'd.
Addie checking out the banner showing the proposed new St. Petersburg "Pier" scheduled for completion in 2018.
Feb 8 - 12:15 PM - Arr: St. Petersburg
                           Municipal Marina
              Inverted Pier landmark gone -
                         see photo at right.
            Today: 29.4 nm - 2.6 eng hrs
Feb 9 - Stayed in St. Petersburg
      Dinner (excellent) with JP & Diane of
Moonstruck at their St. Pete condo.
What's left of the iconic St. Pete "Pier".  Click here to see photo from last year.
Feb 10 - 9:45 AM - Dep St. Petersburg
            10:30 AM - under Skyway Br
             12 noon - Passing Sarasota
              2:00 PM - Arr:
                Fisherman's Wharf Marina
              Today: 43.2 nm  -  4.4 eng hrs
Feb 11 - 10:45 AM - Dep Venice - a chilly 43° this AM
          11:45 AM - Lunch stop at Englewood, met Ann Gaddis
            1:45 PM - Dep Englewood,  Royal Palm Marina
            3:15 PM - Arr:
Boca Grande
                           Today: 29.4 nm  -  2.7 eng hrs
Henry & Addie in front of historic, iconic Vinoy Hotel.
One of our St Petersburg favorites: café-au-lait and croissants on
the sidewalk - at the boulangerie of the Cassis American Brasserie.
Nancy & Addie under a very large banyan tree in St Pete..
Drone flying, a new popular activity in one of St. Pete's many waterfront parks.
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A few minutes out of St. Petersburg we were treated to this view of the impressive Sunshine Skyway Bridge across Tampa Bay.
The Sarasota skyline as we passed by on the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway on our return trip.
The Venice inlet - from the GICW out to the Gulf.
       The Crow's Nest Marina & Restaurant
            are just out of the photo to the left.
Sheriff on the scene of a (very) grounded sailboat in Venice harbor.
Nancy and Addie headed the "wrong way" at the Fisherman's Wharf
                          Marina and Restaurant in Venice..
Venice water tower: "City on the Gulf"
"Ghost ship" - south of Venice.
Construction at the Boca Grande Swing Bridge.  We were able to get under the new bridge - closed until Feb 15th.
Heading south from
Venice we heard numerous
announcements on VHF 16
that the Boca Grande
Swing Bridge would
remain closed until
February 15th (because
they're in the process of
removing the old bridge
which had only 9-ft
clearance). Fortunately, we
were able to squeeze under
the new bridge which has
22-ft clearance.
In Boca Grande, at the Boca Grand Marina,
we met up with Harvey & Sue Griggs on
"Cats Away".
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