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Hard to imagine better cruising weather than this!
Day 4 - Lakefield to Hastings...
Our intrepid crew on the job as we approach another lock - under grueling conditions!
Addie doing her best to blend in!
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The fountain in Peterborough - trying
to replicate the
Jet d'Eau in Geneva?
The Peterborough Lift Lock - a marvel of 19th-century engineering!
Morning sea smoke in Hastings.
Chilly morning - but we got the Cakaro heat going!
Day 4 - Log Summary:
39.5 nm,  5.2 eng hrs
Day 5 - Hastings to Campbellford...
Campbellford was a lovely town.  We
docked at the friendly Town Park; there
were stores - and a bakery - within easy
walking distance.  We also found an
excellent restaurant for dinner named
Capers - our first dinner out on this trip.
Cakaro docked in scenic downtown Campbellford.
Cakaro (with her upside-down twin) in Campbellford.
A large coin commemorating the Queen's visit in 1996.
An amazingly ugly houseboat!
Ranney Falls Lock #12 south of Campbellford.  Note people watching above.
The cruise ship Kawartha Voyageur - I think she's the biggest
boat that plies these waters.
Day 6 - Campbellford to Frankford...
Day 5 - Log Summary:  16.5 nm,  2.3 eng hrs
Lots of Canadian Geese...  (Many Canadians think they're a nuisance.)
Addie running at full speed toward a land-based flock of geese!
Addie surveying the scene at Lock #6 in Frankford.
Day 6 - Log Summary:  19.7 nm,  3.2 eng hrs
Day 7 - Frankford to Trenton...
Our last day on the Trent-Severn Waterway.
Returning from a grocery run - at the fancy marina in Trenton.
Sign depicting the Trent-Severn Waterway.  As you can see,
it's quite a tortuous route from Port Servern to Trenton.
The new (in 2015) Port Severn Marina, the poshest marina we've seen so far on this trip.
Click on photo for larger image.
Having completed the Trent-Severn Waterway, the next leg of our trip takes us across
Lake Ontario to Oswego, NY where we will enter the United States and the Oswego Canal
which leads to the Erie Canal and the Hudson River.  Photos of our trip continue on
Page 3...
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Sign at Lock 1 - our last lock on the Trent Severn.