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Heading across Lake Ontario - on a perfect day for this 40-mile open-water run.
Day 8 - Trenton, Ontario to Oswego, NY...
Chartplotter view as we head out of the Bay of Quinte into Lake Ontario.
If you look at the numbers (click on the photo) you'll see we're cruising at
14.7 knots and our estimated arrival time at the Oswego entrance buoy is 2
hrs & 45 min.  This was the longest open-water passage on our trip and we
had an excellent crossing.
Nancy and Addie in their typical open-water crossing positions!
Cakaro docked at the Oswego Marina - where we waited four hours for US Customs.
A colorful apartment building mural in Oswego.
We arrived in Oswego at 2:30 PM, but it took us the rest of the day and
four hours the next day to clear customs
!  Nancy and Addie and I were OK,
Cakaro was a Canadian-registered vessel being "imported" into the USA
and there was a lot of paperwork involved. The customs officer made a
thorough search of the boat, including the contents of our fridge, and after a
call to headquarters, determined that he had to confiscate our tomatoes!
Other than that, we were OK - but official permission for the boat to enter
the US didn't come through until 12:30 PM Friday.
Day 8 - Log Summary: 78.0 nm,  6.2 eng hrs
Day 9 - Oswego to Brewerton, NY
The locks on the Oswego (& Erie) Canal were very slimy.
These Oswego Canal locks were much bigger than the Canadian TSW locks - and
quite a bit less user-friendly.  They only provide some slimy ropes to hold on to;
they're not attached at the bottom so you can't let your line run along them as you
can on the Canadian locks.  One of the lockkeepers told us that the Erie Canal is
now run by the NY Thruway Authority, obviously it's not their top priority.
Day 9- Log Summary: 27.8 nm,  4.2 eng hrs
Day 10 - Brewerton to Little Falls, NY
Some stretches of the Erie Canal were rather mundane.  I was a surprised
to see a tourboat running through here - see photo at right.
Tour-boat packed with tourists ogling the scenic canal.
The scenery improved considerably as we entered the Mohawk Valley.
Great reflections - cruising in the clouds!
Day 10 - Log Summary: 60.1 nm,  6.0 eng hrs
Day 11 - Little Falls to Niskayuna, NY
Old mill buildings converted to beautiful private houses in Little Falls.
A bright spot on a dreary morning in Little Falls.
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We found a tie-up spot right in
Little Falls.  Even though
the sign said "No Overnight Docking"
we sp
ent a peaceful night there.  Little
Falls is a very cute little town with an
impressive history.  The old brick and
stone buildings are beautiful.
The eastern portion of the Erie Canal basically consists of dams on the Mohawk River.  Here, we
are arriving at Lock & Dam #15 above Canajoharie -
the past home of Beech-Nut baby food!
A 50-yr-old Buoy Boat used for maintenance.
Day 11 - Log Summary:
  57.0 nm,  5.3 eng hrs
We decided to stop for the night at Lock #7 (in Niskayuna) as the we didn't want to
get stuck at the Flood Gate (which closes at 4:30) and the following flight of five locks,
Day 12 - Niskayuna to Kingston, NY
Nancy and Addie in their rainy day positions.
It was a dark and dreary morning when we arrived at the Waterford Flood Gate!
The sign at the canal junction on the Hudson River in Waterford.
A well-disguised destroyer on the Hudson River near Albany.
Beautiful and historic lighthouses along the Hudson River.
Day 12 - Log Summary  -  63.7 nm,  6.0 eng hrs
Overhead view of Cakaro docked in the pretty little town of Kingston, NY.
We just missed the Garlic Festival here!
Handling a slimy rope in Lock #17.
Drone's-eye view of Cakaro w Nancy & Addie.
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Coming into Kingston brought back memories...
Just over 10 years ago, in June 2006
, we stopped
here on
our maiden voyage with Sno' Dog from
Whitby, Ontario
to our summer home-port of
Portsmouth, NH.  That trip is documented on
SnoDogLog - see:

Construction of our new house in Jensen Beach, FL