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Addie watching late-afternoon rowers on the Hudson River near Hyde Park
Day 13 - Kingston to Hyde Park, NY
Nancy excited to recognize the CIA buildings as we pass by.
We're not in the canals anymore!  This is BIG SHIP country.
Addie had to stay home and guard the boat while we went out
to dinner at the CIA.  That bridge in the distance is the FDR
Mid-Hudson Bridge in Poughkeepsie.
We made it!   Only a 20-minute walk from our boat at the Hyde Pk Marina.
A beautiful sunset for our last night aboard Cakaro.
Dinner at the CIA - excellent!  Our table had a great view of the kitchen.
Nancy photographing the sunset in Hyde Park before we head out for dinner.
Day 13 - Log Summary  -  10.2 nm,  1.9 eng hrs
We tried to time this trip so we'd pass by the
CIA on Nancy's birthday.  Nancy has taken
cooking courses here and it is one of her
favorite places.  She was happy to give me the
grand tour before dinner.  We were fortunate to
get a reservation at the
Bocuse, their
French-themed venue.  The cooking and service
is all done by the students.  This is a place that
takes food VERY SERIOUSLY!  Our dinners
were amazing!  Definitely on par with the 3-star
restaurant in France where we ate in 2014 while
cruising aboard the
Day 14 - Hyde Park to Croton-on-Hudson, NY
Next morning, we awoke to the sound
of Canada geese and a bull-horn shouting
directions to the passing shells.  These
guys were out in pea-soup fog at 6:30 in
the morning!
Canada geese and rowers on the
river in the early-morning mist.
Beautiful scenery along the lower Hudson from Poughkeesie to Croton-on Hudson.
Passing the impressive West Point complex  - Go Army!
Our last supper together - at the Hopscotch Restaurant.  Carol, Charlie, Marcia Dick & Nancy.
Our goal was to rendezvous with Charlie
& Marcia Corbett who were bringing the
Heron south from Georgian
Bay - they had a 2-week head-start on us.
Our designated meeting point was the Half
Moon Bay Marina in Croton-on-Hudson.
We arrived at 1 PM, just in time to meet up
with Dick & Carol who drove down from
Rhode Island in our car - very convenient,
we now had a ride home!
Wow!  What a great trip!  The
Trent-Severn Waterway was certainly
the highlight, but despite a bit of rain,
the trip was thoroughly enjoyable all
the way through.  We lucked out with
the wind, the roughest passage of the
whole trip was crossing Oneida Lake
with 15-20 kt winds and 2-ft seas.
Cakaro Trip Log Summary -
Tay, ON to Croton-on-Hudson, NY
Total Distance travelled: 527 n mi
                                  =  580 miles
Engine time: 40.9 hours
Fuel added: 122.8 gallons
Generator time: 4.0 hours
Hard to imagine a more perfect and
comfortable boat for this trip.  We will
miss our
Sno' Dog!
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