Build Photos  -  Oct 2016 thru Jan 2017
Soon after we placed our order, Tom at Atlas started sending us progress photos of our baby taking shape...
By the end of October, we already had a bare hull!   (You can see the smaller, shortened keel for the outboard version.)
Coming out of the mold...   That's one shiny hull!
Stern view.  Hard to believe this is the same color. (It's supposed to be"Teal")
Interior stringers and bulkheads getting glassed in.
Tom admiring his handiwork!  Two sinks in the forward cabin.
Lots of mechanicals installed on the forward bulkhead.
The new 68-gallon fuel tank - taking the place of the inboard engine.
Deck structure and windshield - ready to attach to the hull.
Starting to look like a real boat -  complete with bow rail and thruster.
Outboard bracket with swim platform - and custom transom door cut-out.
Instruments installed on the helm console - all digital read-outs.
The forward cabin looks pretty big without the head partition.
       The Acadia 25 is one of the few trailerable trawlers with full
                 standing headroom in the forward cabin - and in the head!
Checking out my graphics with paper print-outs.
Engine installation - a 4-cylinder, 200-hp Suzuki.
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        A few loose ends in the wiring department...
Also visible here is the replacement engine box panel
which allows for an almost flat floor in the cockpit.
           Out of the shop and onto the trailer!
Canvas cover installed on the aluminum cockpit frame.
I'm hoping I'll be able to tow this baby with our new Durango - it has a 7400-lb tow capacity.
This brings us up to the last week of January, 2017
Hopefully, next week, we'll find out if she floats!
Stay tuned for further updates...    HMC 01/28/17
.           02/02/17 Update - She floats!
Click here
to see first photo of Acadia Belle in the water.