Acadia Belle
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After we launched our new boat at the Jensen Beach Causeway ramp Nancy took this photo.
Jensen Beach, FL
On February 2nd, after a brief sea trial in Cape Coral, we loaded her up and brought
Acadia Belle back across Florida on her trailer.  See: Acadia Belle comes home!
We were able to park her right in front of our house - where we made some
last-minute tweaks, including installing the graphics and registration numbers.
With her running lights turned on, there are four sets of port & starboard lights
visible here - as well as a full moon above our new house.
With the boat on our neighbor's boat lift,  
this is the view from our deck.
Stern view showing the newly-applied graphics.  That's our deck
on the right with the orange windsock.
With a bit of modification to the bunks, Acadia Belle fit perfectly
on our neighbor's boat lift - right next to his 34' Cabo sportfsh.
At left is the model C10 Suzuki Color
Display module
.  On this page you can
see: 1) the Fuel Gauge (on left), 2) the
amount of Fuel Used since fill-up (0.7
gal), 3) Fuel Burn rate (1.95 gph), Mileage
(3.04 nautical miles per gallon), 4) Boat
Speed (5.9 kts), 5) RPM (2100 rpm) and
6) Depth (3.1 feet) - not to mention a
reflection of me taking the photo!
And this is only one of six pages available
on this over-functioning instrument!
With calm weather over the past couple days, I've been able to calibrate
the compass and get the Garmin chart-plotter, autopilot and Suzuki color
display monitor all working properly.
A quick Sea Trial yielded the following figures:
(1 person aboard, full fuel, water tank 1/2 full.)
RPM     Spd kts     GPH      nMPG     Range*
1000        4.2          0.8         5.4         321
1500        5.8          1.4         4.2         254
2000        7.0          1.8         3.7         238    
2500        8.2          2.6         3.0         193
3000      12.0          3.4         3.5         
3500      15.0          4.6         3.3         
4000      18.5          6.1         3.0         186
4500        22           7.6         2.9         177
5000        25         10.0         2.2         153
5500        28         13.4         2.0         128
5900       30.5       17.8         1.8         105
The Suzuki C10 Color Display takes the place of many analog gauges.
Interesting to note that up to 15 knots, this boat gets
about the same mileage as our
PDQ Sno' Dog.
So far, we couldn't be happier with our new little boat.  
We look forward to many happy adventures aboard the
Acadia Belle.
On the ride back to Nettles Island, the wind had kicked up to 15-20
knots out of the north, so we rolled down the side curtains.  But we were
happilly surprised by the lack of spray, the side curtains were virtually dry
when we got home.  Paul, who owns an Atlas Pompano 21, remarked
that the
Acadia Belle appears to be much drier in chop than his boat.
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econ. cruise
* Range in nautical miles, 10% fuel remaining.
fast cruise
02/19/2017 - Our first official outing with friends...  A luncheon
trip with Paul and Ann gooding to the Dolphin Bar in Jensen Beach.
Ann Gooding and Nancy enjoying a smooth ride at 18 knots down the ICW.
Paul & Ann - and Nancy seated - at the Dophin Bar in Jensen Beach.
Setting off on an outing with brother Kit (waving) and friends Ned and Pat Hatfield.
Proud owner Henry at the helm.
Work in progress...  A new drawer for our Coleman Butane Stove.
I decided to install a drawer in
the empty space above the fridge.  
I made it just big enough for our
handy little Coleman butane stove.
With a bit of Watco Teak Oil it
should match the rest of the teak
trim in the cabin.
We're looking forward to some
overnight cruising in
Acadia Belle.  
We'll let you know how it goes.  A
bit compact compared to the palatial
accommodations of
Sno' Dog!
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