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Acadia Belle
Last fall, after the sale of Sno' Dog we started
looking for a smaller
, trailerable boat that we could
take north and south - without having to cruise the
entire length of the ICW
We liked the traditional Downeast look; we considered
Easterns and Seaways (which are built near us in
Milton, NH), but
then we stumbled upon Atlas Boat
Works in Cape Coral, FL
builder of the Acadia 25.  
Normally, these boats are inboard-powered, but we
talked to Owner/Manager Tom Gamso about building
us an outboard version
- which he agreed to do. The
"photo" above is
a Photoshopped image of what we
our new boat will look like.
Our next boat ???
In mid-October I drove over to Atlas Boat Works in
Cape Coral, FL and signed a contract with Tom to
build us an outboard-powered version of his Acadia 25.
The "world headquarters" of Atlas Boat Works in Cape Coral, FL
An older Acadia 25 (for sale) is visible on the left.
The photo to the left shows the standard inboard version
of the Acadia 25 - which they've been building for the past
25 years. The boat has a traditional full keel which protects
the prop and rudder.  
For our outboard version, they will cut down the keel from
18-in to 8 inches giving us a boat with just over a 1-foot
draft - with motor tilted up.
We discussed a hull extension for the outboard - as he did
with his
Pompano 23, but we decided that an aluminum
transom bracket (with swim platform) would get the job
done faster and at lower cost.
To help balance the load of the aft-mounted engine, the
fuel tank and batteries will be mounted amidships. (He also
plans to increase the size of the fuel tank from 60 gallons
to 68 gallons.)
Click on photos to view larger image...
During my visit, I met Tom and his father
Stan, who works with him in the family
business. Check out those computers in the
office - they are vintage 1995!  It's hard to
believe they have been able to keep them
going. They are definitely traditionalists!
But the quality of their boats shows their
attention to the smallest details.  So far, I
have been very impressed with their work.
(Check out the reflection in the hull below.)
During the build process, Tom has been sending me photo updates.
If you would like to see some of these, continue to the
Build Photos Page.
02/02/2017 (Groundhog Day) Update...    She floats!
Happy to see that she floats perfectly on her lines.  Tom reports a top speed of over 30 knots!
02/06/2017 Update - Acadia Belle comes home!
Here she is en-route across central Florida to Nettles Island - a 3-hour drive from Cape Coral.  She towed very well
behind our Durango, no problem.  (Milage dropped from 21 mpg on the trip over to 11 mpg on the trip home.)  Overall
length of this rig: just under 60 feet!  Weight of boat & trailer: 6950 lbs.
The sea trial went very well.  Top speed was 31 knots, much
faster (and quieter) than the inboard diesel version.
(See full Performance Specs on
Page 2.)