Acadia  Belle
March 2017
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Florida West Coast Trip Continued...
OLD & NEW side-by-side - showing the (dramatic) difference between a PDQ 34 (Cats Away) and our new Acadia Belle.
Heading out the Caloosahatchee River into Pine Island Sound we
passed this srange floating house.  I think they sell bait here.
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View from the helm approaching Captiva - that's some pretty water!
An easy run from Fort Myers
out into Pine Island Sound to
South Seas Plantation Marina on
Captiva I.  24.8 n mi. 2:00 hrs.
Here, we met up with Harvey &
Sue Griggs (and their granddaughter
Leila) aboard their PDQ
Cats Away.
Hanging out with the big guys at South Seas Island Resort on Captiva.  We were the smallest boat there.
The last time we were here was in
1985 in
Emily Belle as part of our
Great Loop adventure.  We didn't
recognize much except the beach and
the golf course. Things have changed
a lot in 33 years - but it's still pretty.
On the bayside beach at South Seas Island Resort - with Addie.
The Gulf-side beach at South Seas,  no wonder it's so popular.
We pulled up alongside Cats
for a photo-shoot (photo
at top of page) and then the
manatees appeared.  There
were at least five of them in
this little basin at the inner end
of the South Seas Island Resort
- formerly known as South
Seas Plantation.
Multiple manatees at the South Seas Island Resort & Marina.
Day 4...
On Day 5 we headed north...  We stopped
briefly at Cayo Costa then headed on past
Boca Grande and Cape Haze to Englewood
where some Maine friends of Nancy spend
their winters.  Here, we docked at the
humble but friendly Royal Palm Marina,
home of pretty sunsets and Snook's
Waterside Grill.
Today...  30.1 n mi, 3:20 hrs
Dockside sunset at the Royal Palm Marina in Englewood.
Sunset, and sunken boat, in Englewood.
The next morning, we headed out to the beach at
the end of Sanibel Island - before heading up-river to
Fort Myers.  See
Acadia Belle on the beach on Pg 3.
Day 6 - Headed back south to Sanibel Island, Sanibel Marina,
home of Gramma Dots Restaurant.
Today: 39.5 n mi, 3:15 hrs
This colorful contraption flew over us in Englewood.
Heron on one leg at the marina in Englewood.
Acadia Belle comfortably slipped at the Sanibel Marina.
The very popular Gramma Dot's Restaurant at the Sanibel Marina.
Interesting to see the new Ranger Tugs R-23 Outboard version
with a 200-HP Yamaha.  Price: $118,400 - without trailer.
A 2017 R-23 outboard.  A bit too enclosed (and expensive) for me.
The Acadia 25, at well under $100K (incl trlr) is a better buy, IMHO