Acadia Belle
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Conclusion of our Florida West Coast Cruise
On the beach at Sanibel Island
Taking advantage of the versitility of outboard power to beach Acadia Belle - shallow enough to step off the swim platform.
Easily-recognizable lighthouse at the end of Sanibel Island.  We stopped at the beach just to the right of the fishing pier.
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Beached at Sanibel.  Nancy and Addie not sure they want to hop ashore.
Boat buying supplies at the weird house at the entrance to the Caloosahatchee R.
Day 7...  Sanibel to Fort Myers, with a stop at the beach.
              17.4 n mi, 2.5 hrs.
At Ft. Myers City Yacht Basin, we filled our water tank,
emptied our holding tank and filled our gas tank -
               37.2 gallons.
Nancy bought tickets for a play at the Florida Rep.;
we met up with the Griggs again for dinner and a
night at the theatre.  We love Ft. Myers!
Docked in the "liveaboard" section of the Ft Myers Yacht Basin.  
                                Canvas closed for the night.
Selfie at the theatre.  Ready for the "Shear Madness" to begin.
Heading upstream on the Caloosahatchee River - into 20-knot winds.
Day 8...
Fort Myers to Moore Haven -
with a stop in LaBelle for lunch
47.8 n mi, 5:10 hrs.
It's fun having a boat that can sneek under low bridges.  We were able
to make this whole trip without ever having to wait for a bridge opening.
Here, we're about to pass under the Ft. Denaud Swing Bridge - with a
closed clearance of 9 feet; we had at least a foot to spare!
Addie in one of her favorite cruising positions - under my feet!
Peacful dockage at the Moore Haven Town Docks.
This time, we lucked out with Anatojito's Mexican Restaurant!
Moore Haven sunset.
All in all, an excellent trip. We learned how to overnight quite
comfortably in this little boat.  Nancy thought the foam mattresses
were a bit too firm and the galley sink a bit too small.  But we mostly
ate dinners out, so there was a minimum of cooking.
I loved the speed and maneuverability of this boat and I liked the
open feeling with the soft sides rolled up.  (Atlas eliminated the
standard hard sides at our request.)
Perhaps the sight of this forlorn tug influenced their decision to turn
around?  It was a recent occurrence, as it was not here last week.
The New York, New York ferry departing Moore Haven Docks.  This is a prototype
for the new New York Ferry System on its maiden voyage from Louisiana.
This ship ran aground just beyond the Moore Haven Lock and decided to turn
around and head back to Ft Myers then around the tip of Florida on its trip north.
Our chartplotter showing a speed at 31.5 knots.  Even fully loaded
for cruising this little boat hums right along.  We normally cruise
at about 20 kts, fuel milage starts to drop a bit above that.
Lunch stop at Indiantown Marina after a long run around the rim of Lk Okeechobee.
Because of east winds at 15+ knots, we decided to follow the Rim Route.  This worked
well and we had an excellent, if somewhat lengthy, "crossing".
Day 9...  Moore Haven, around the Rim Route of Lk.
Okeechobee, lunch stop at Indiantown, through the St.
Lucie Lock and home
to Jensen Beach.
Today:  85.0 n mi (98 stat miles!), 5:48 eng time,
         ave speed: 14.7 kts, fuel used: 30.2 gal.
Some Specs for the trip:
Distance Traveled: 368.2 n mi  -  424 miles
Total Engine Time: 32.6 hours
Average Speed: 11.4 knots - 13 mph
Total Fuel Consumed: 123.7 gallons
Average Fuel Burn: 3.8 gal/hr
Average Milage: 3.4 miles per gallon
We met New York Times reporter Patrick McGeehan and he told us to look
for the Full Story this week.  Sure enough, here it is:
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