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Lutzelbourg, Lorraine, FRANCE
Rental Pénichettes at the Locaboat base on the Canal de la Marne au Rhin in scenic Lutzelbourg, France
To explore a part of France that we never reached in our partnership barge
AMAROK, we booked a 10-day charter with Locaboat out of their base in
Lutzelbourg. From here, you can travel east toward Strasbourg or west toward
Nancy.  Since we didn't have time to do both, we decided to first drive to
Strasbourg, then come back and head west by boat toward Nancy.
We stayed at a cute little B&B (booked through Airbnb) in downtown
where we spent a day and a half checking out the sights.  
Strasbourg is indeed a beautiful city with a remarkable variety of
architecture.  The region of Alsace has gone back and forth from France to
Germany several times and the German influence is very much in evidence.
During our stay here the temperature never rose above 14°C and it rained
much of the time.  Nevertheless we loved this place!
Several waterways run through the heart of the city, but they are not accessible to private
boats.  A lock is visible in this photo.
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We took the (very touristy) Batorama cruise and found it quite informative -
not to mention a good shelter from the rain!
Aboard the Batorama cruise which circumnavigates the city.
A beautiful morning in Lutzelbourg at the begining of our 10-day boat rental.
A Map of the French Waterways. The red box is enlarged at the right.
The blue line shows the route of our boat trip from Lutzelbourg around Nancy and back.
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to enlarge.
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It took us a while to figure this one out.  I'm always
surprised they can't find native speakers to translate
stuff.  But at least they tried.  (This was a sign in one
of the automated locks.  Basically, what they're trying
to say is, wait for the flashing blue light before lifting
the bar to activate the lock.  Also, please tie up in the
Heading out from Lutzelbourg toward our first lock.
Riding up on the Inclined Plane, otherwise known as the Bathtub Lock.
The counterweights come down as we go up, so it uses very little energy.
This amazing contraption, the Plan Incliné d'Arzviller, takes the place of seven old locks.
Our Guidebook said this is a friendly town with an unpronounceable name!
DARK ahead!  We did, in fact get a rip-roaring thunderstorm complete with hail!
Trusty foredeck crew keeping watch - temps seldom got over 60° F.
Helpful sign.  (We were headed toward Nancy.)
The "Pleasure Port of Nancy" - that's where we landed!
The sleek profile of our Pénichette 1020-FB - tied up in downtown Nancy.
                            Great to be so close to the city center.
The "Pleasure Port of Nancy" - a popular place with boats of all sizes.
Unfortunately, we were a couple days early for this, but it
would have been perfect for Nancy's birthday on the 23rd.
The ugliest building we have ever seen.  But I'm sure some
architect's mother thinks it's beautiful!
Lot's of stuff here with Nancy's name on it.  Naturally, we had to bring
home some of these dish towels.
We stayed a couple of days in Nancy - which is the Capital of Lorraine Province.
It is a spectacularly beautiful city with its golden gates, huge cathedral and center city
market as well as many parks - and hundreds of restaurants!
The stunning golden gates of Place Stanilas in the center of Nancy.
                  The spectacular Nancy Cathedral - AKA
Cathédrale Notre-Dame-de-l'Annonciation et Saint-Sigisbert.
      More impressive than its namesake in Paris, IMHO.