Acadia Belle  -  Spring 2017
An Island Exploration outing on the Indian River Lagoon with brother Kit and his grandchildren.
This spring, after returning from
our cross-Florida trip in March,
we took
Acadia Belle on
numerous local outings with
friends and family. Our longest
trip was south on the ICW to
Jupiter and up the Loxahatchee
River into Jonathan Dickinson
State Park as far as Trapper
Nelson's Outpost.
Extended family outing - 8 peolple aboard!
Porpoises off Nettles Island - near our house.
Docked at Trapper Nelson's near the navigable head of the Loxahatchee River.
We love having a boat that you can step off into ankle-deep water.
Brother Kit taxiing out in his colorful Air Creation float plane.
Flying overhead.
My eldest granddaufgter, Eva at the helm of Acadia Belle.
Quite a change from 9 years ago!  See photo at right.
From the archives...   Eva at the helm of Sno' Dog in 2008.
In early May, we loaded
Acadia Belle onto her
trailer and prepared for our
northerly spring migration.
After a huge thunderstorm,
this amazing full double
rainbow appeared.
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Acadia Belle in front of our house - ready for the long overland trip north.
Heading North...  On the roof of the car is our Sno' Dog dinghy.  The dinghy OB motor is in the boat -
along with everything else that wouldn't fit into the car.  We were well loaded!
At Motel 6 in Chambersburg, PA.   The boat appears to be getting bigger, and the weather's getting colder!   
Two boats, two motors, two people and two PETS!  Not
always easy to find a motel that accommodates us all!
Delivering the dinghy to daughter Meg and her husband in Portland, ME
     That's their circa 1975 C&C 27 sailboat with the blue-sided cabin-top.
We were very impressed
with our 2017
- which has a
5.7L HEMI V-8 engine and
an 8-speed transmission.  
Tow rating is 7,200 lbs and
I'm sure we were pushing
that with our loaded boat(s)
and trailer.  We were able to
cruise along at 70+ mph
most of the way, milage
dropped a bit below 10 mpg
but all-in-all a very
impressive tow vehicle!
And... it's much more
user-friendly (especially for
Nancy) than a pick-up truck.
Here we are (in mid-May) cruising aboard Acadia Belle near Portsmouth, NH.
As we were boarding the boat (at Great Bay Marina), Addie-the-dog jumped from
the dock into water!  Because of the pile-up of floating reeds, we think she
thought it was dry land!  (She normally does not voluntarily jump into the
water).  The water temp was in the 40's and the air in the 60's, so she needed
some serious snuggling to stop her shivering after this slightly traumatic event.
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Goodbye Adeline!  This spring, Adeline-the-boat finally found
a new home.  She's off to Deer Ilse, Maine for the summer.
Portland, Maine
In mid-June Adeline-the-dog and I cruised from Portsmouth north to
Portland, Maine to visit my daughter and family who live on Peaks Island.
(Nancy drove up and met us at the ferry dock to get a free ride out to the
island.)  This was a 50-mile, open-ocean run and it went very well. It took us
about 3 hours at an average speed of 16 knots.  We ran at 20 knots much of
the way, but slowed down a bit in choppy waters off Cape Elizabeth.
.         Portsmouth to Portland Trip
(Actually Great Bay Marina in Newington, NH
to Peaks Island in Casco Bay, ME.)
Distance traveled (including local outings):
          122.5 n mi = 140 stat miles
Fuel Used: 44.7 gallons
Eng time:  9.5 hours
Ave Fuel use: 4.7 GPH
Ave Milage: 2.7 n mi/gal  or 3.15 mpg
Acadia Belle in downtown Portland at the water taxi dock next to the Casco Bay Lines ferry dock.
June 2017 Update...
Summer 2017 Update...
938 Goose Pond Road, Canaan, New Hampshire
In June we decided to put "Goose Bump" on the market. When we lived in Hanover,
this little lake-side cottage was a 20-minute drive from our house; now that we're in
Portsmouth, it's two hours away.  
The giant garage (with loft) has become a favorite family storage area, so we have been
spending a good part of the summer emptying out our stuff in preparation for the sale.
You can check out the listing on Zillow at: 938 Goose Pond Rd, Canaan, NH 03741
A panoramic collage of our giant garage, Goose Bump cottage and the Goose Pond lake-frontage in Canaan, NH
September 2017 Update...
Our property at 938 Goose Pond Road has been SOLD.
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