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Heading North from Florida to New Hampshire via the Blue Ridge Parkway
View from the Blue Ridge Parkway at "Rock Point Overlook" near Roseland, VA - Elevation 3115 feet
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Instead of our usual 2.5-day drive straight up I-95 to New Hampshire,
we decided this spring to take our Airstream and spend some time along
the way. We divided the trip into easy 200-300 mile segments and chose
a scenic western route through the Appalachian Mountains.  Here's a list
of our stops along the way:
Day 1 - Anastasia State Park, St, Augustine, FL
Day 2 - Camp Lake Jasper, Hardeeville, GA
Day 3 - Ebenezer Park, York County, Rock Hill, SC
Day 4 - VA Highland Haven Airstream Park, Copper Hill, VA
Day 5 - Montebello Camping & Fishing Resort, Montebello, VA
Day 6 - Shenandoah River State Park, Bentonville, VA
Day 7 - Gifford Pinchot State Park, Lewisberry, PA
Day 8 - Oakland Valley Campground, Cuddlebackville, NY
Day 9 - 21 Madison St., Portsmouth, NH  (our summer home)
We could only tow one trailer north, so sadly, our Acadia Belle will
spend the summer high and dry on her boat lift at Nettles Island. FL
A beautiful Florida State Park - dog-friendly and walking distance to the beach.
A windy day at the beach at Anastasia State Park.
Our pretty, shaded campsite at Anastasia State Park.  Check out our fancy new bike rack!
Dinner at MoJo Old City BBQ in downtown St. Augustine.  Turned out to
be our only dinner out on this entire trip. Think of all the money we saved!
Nancy - not very well camouflaged - on one of the wild trails at Anastasia State Park.
The rig...  Our Airstream 27-FB, at 6,500 lbs, it tows better than our 25-ft boat.
We felt right at home at the Virginia Highland Haven Airstream Park - surrounded by 20+ Airstreams!
North of VA Highland Haven, we picked up the Blue Ridge Parkway and followed it
north to the Skyline Drive and then to our next campground in Montebello, VA
We had scenic views in both directions here - one of the prettiest campgrounds on our trip.
We followed the sign to the WATERFALL.  And, sure enough, we came to this (huge) waterfall!  It was very pretty though.
One of the pretty hiking trails originating at the
Virginia Highland Haven Airstream Park - a
beautiful spot in the mountains of south-central
Virgina - not far from the Blue Ridge Parkway.
Our rig, parked at the Post Office in scenic downtown Montebello, Pop 186.
Our bright orange levelling blocks came in handy at this hillside spot in Montebello.
Addie & I on a bridge across the well-stocked trout pond in Montebello.
Our morning walk at the Montebello Camping & Fishing "Resort".
The ups and downs of the Blue Ridge Parkway were a bit of a challenge for
our little Dodge Durango, but it handled it with aplomb.  Hard to believe,
Nancy and I bicycled a good stretch of this road back in 1976!
Stopped by Luray Caverns for old time sake.  But mostly we used the WiFi in their parking lot.
There was no WiFi, TV, or even cell service, at the last few campgrounds where we stayed.
A "Tube Exit" at the Shenandoah River State Park in Bentonville, VA.
A scenic riverside trail along the Shenandoah River at the Shenandoah River State Park.
Addie enjoyed "swimming" in the Shenandoah River.
Nancy grilling on our slick little portable, fold-up propane grill.
Arriving at the Gifford Pinchot State Park in Pennsylvania
(Turned out their campong area was across the lake, more
than 5 miles from the main Park Entrance.)
We made it!  Back to our summer home in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.  (With our wisteria "organic
carport" severely trimmed back, our Airstream actually fits into our driveway!)
All in all, an exellent 1,750-mile, 9-day trip!
Certainly more fun, and less stressfull than our
usual 2 1/2-day trip.  But it's hard to beat those
3-week boat adventures up and down the
Intracoastal Waterway in
Sno' Dog!
(All of which are well-documented right here
on SnoDogLog.  Check out the
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PS: Our average mileage was 12.5 mpg -
about 4 times better than our PDQ!
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