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Our Waterfront Campsite in Naples, Maine
Our beautiful wooded campsite at the Four Seasons Camping Area on Long Lake near Naples, Maine
Having completed some minor mechanical
adjustments and improvements to our
Airstream, we decided to head out for a
long weekend in Maine.
With our "organic carport" replaced by a canopy, our Airstream fits snuggly into our driveway in Portsmouth.
Our beautiful wooded, waterfront campsite at the Four Seasons Camping Area on Long Lake near Naples, ME.
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Our destination was the Four Seasons
Camping Area on Long Lake near Naples.  
They gave us their "off-season" rate on a
beautiful waterfront site - complete with
our own dock!
One reason we picked Naples is that there's
Freedom Boat Club base there and,
having recently become a member of this
organization, we are eligible to use any of
their boats at any of their bases.  (Their
local base here in NH is less than a mile
from our house in Portsmouth..)
We also wanted to attend a performance
by my granddaughter as part of the Old
Port Festival in Portland on Sunday.
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Kayakers paddling by our waterfront campsite on Long Lake.
Dinner with a view!
An exhausted Addie - happily sleeping on Nancy's new Airstream quilt.
Granddaughter Neddie (red shirt & red hair!) after her hair-raising
Aerial Silk performance at the 2018 Old Port Festival in Portland, ME.
This photo is not upside-down - look carefully.  This is the colorful Umbrella Factory Supermarket in Naples, ME.
Many seaplanes on Long Lake!  These were parked just across from our campground in Mast Cove.
The "Promenade" under the Route 302 bridge along the Chute River in Naples.
Addie aboard our Freedom Bost Club pontoon boat - looking wistfully after
Nancy who is walking down the dock (in purple shirt).
Addie keeping watch from the bow of our "Freedom" boat.  Here, we're
docked at our very own Four Seasons campsite dock.
The waiting point for the Songo River Lock.  Next time, we'll go through the
lock and into Sebago Lake.  (You can actually run a boat from the north end of
Long Lake, through Naples, into Brandy Pond, through the Songo River Lock
and all the way to the south end of Sebago Lake - a distance over 30 miles!)
The scenic Songo River which connects Brandy Pond to Lake Sebago.
The Songo River Lock - a hand-operated lock reminiscent of the locks
on the French canals.
Ready to watch the sunset at our waterfront campsite.
Nancy and Addie enjoying the view toward Long Lake from our campsite dock.
Nancy and Addie watching the sunset.
This duck family appeared just in time for my sunset photo.
Well-behaved ducklings!  Might be an extended family as the last 2 are noticeably bigger than the first 5.
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