Canal Cruise in Brittany
September 2018  -  Page 2
Heading north aboard our Locaboat Pénichette 1180FB on the canalized river Vilaine in Brittany, France
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The famous bridge across the Vilaine at Pont Réan - built in 1757.  Kayaks paddling under the bridge.
Nancy checking out the Pont Réan bridge - on her early-morning bread run to the local boulangerie.
Nancy in the Église de l’Immaculée-Conception in Pont Réan.
Our apetizer course at the Grand Hôtel restaurant in Pont Réan.
Desserts at the Grand Hôtel restaurant.  This was nominally
Nancy's birthday dinner - a couple days late.
Ann taking pictures in Pont Réan.  Lots of kayak activity just behind our boat.
Sunrise on the Vilaine in Pont Réan.
A white Lab swimming past our boat in Pont Réan.
The same dog shaking off (dramatically) after emerging from the water.
(Click on the photo for full effect.  Also see Paul & Ann aboard the boat.)
Paul steering us through the Pont Réan Bridge.  This arch, marked with a yellow diamond,
was widened slighly (about 100 years ago) to allow bigger boats to pass through.
I liked this tree - and its perfect reflection.
Nancy enjoying the scenery on the Vilaine north of Pont Réan - on our way to the city of Rennes.
Stained glass in the Cathedral Saint-Pierre de Rennes.
The nightime view from our quai-side tie-up in downtown Rennes, the capital of Brittany.
Notice the price tag on the dog poop:  68€  ($78 USD)
The window of a boulangerie in Rennes.
Ann & Paul on the Canal d'Ille et Rance near our final destination in Melesse.
Our second-to-last, and coldest, morning
aboard the boat in Mellese - which my iPhone
thinks is closer to Saint-Germain sur Ille.
Fortunately, our boat had good heat!
Early morning sea smoke on the on the Canal d'Ille et Rance at the Locaboat base in Melesse.
A morning walk along the Canal d'Ille et Rance near Hédé-Bazouges.
    The lowest bridge on our trip.  2.5 meters = 8.2 feet.
The steering wheel on the flybridge cleared by mere inches.
Having arrived at our destination (Melesse) a day early,
we decided to take a road trip to one of Brittany's most
famous landmarks:
Mont-Saint-Michel.  (It's actually just
over the border in Normandie. about an hour's for us.)
Nancy in archway at Le Mont-Saint-Michel.
Nancy, along with about 100 other tourists, photographing the iconic Mont-Saint-Michel.  The abbey on the
rock dates back to the 7th century.  At high tide, Mont-Saint-Michel becomes an island;  people walking out
here would get stranded.  Now, there's a 3/4-mile long bridge - with tram service, in case you don't want to walk.
Mont-Saint-Michel as seen from the back of the double-ended shuttle trams that ply this route.
   The crowds at Mont-Saint-Michel were quite impressive.
I read that there are now over 4 million visitors per year here!
Huge tides in this area leave these boats high and dry.
I loved the Air France safety video shown on our liitle screens on our flight
home.  Those cute French models do get your attention.  Very clever!
The screen also showed our route map.  We flew right over our cruising region in Brittany.
Champagne and pretzels was our apéritif on this Air France flight.
                                      (Plus, I was a bit bored.)
All in all, an excellent trip - to a part of France we had never seen before.  Also a
part of France not accessible by inland waterway from the rest of the country.
Unlike previous trips, I didn't keep an exact daily log, but I believe we covered
about 200 km in 9 days and we went through about 30 locks. Actually, a pretty
leisurely pace compared to some of our previous trips.
This part of Brittany is for the most part quite rural.  The scenery was pretty but it
was not always easy to find a nearby village with fresh bread each morning as we're
used to doing.  Several days, I had to ride my bike to the neighboring town to find
an open boulangerie.  But, even when there was no restaurant nearby, we ate very
well - thanks to our resident on-board cook! (She even made us fresh peach and
pear jam to put on our morning croissants and baguette.)
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